Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget”

I’m guest posting at Long Awkward Pause with some Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget.” Come on over!

With spring break and summer vacations around the corner, you might be surprised to learn that you are not the only one on a budget. It turns out hotels are on a tight budget, too. If camping is not your style, then following these tips will ensure a pleasant stay at any hotel on a budget.

Consider these amenities:


A cramped sleeping space can be compensated with a fluffy pillow. In the case that you have extra guests or the pillow is too flat, an additional pillow will solve the problem, easing your way into restful sleep. Logic tells you to simply ask for another pillow.


Be prepared for this scenario:

Guest: Would it possible to get an extra pillow?

Clerk: No.

And don’t ask again. It’s important for the hotel staff to be on your side for the reminder of your stay. Just be happy you…

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20 thoughts on “Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget”

  1. The flat pillow is the curse of staying in hotels especially when there aren’t any extras hidden away somewhere. I need 2 fluffy pillows as a minimum and a third flat one wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

    Then there are noisy neighbours 🙂 who wants to go to a hotel and find they can’t sleep because of the people the other side of the wall or those having a party above the ceiling…


    1. You better bring some extra pillows along just to be safe, Stephen. I need my fluffy pillows, too. I understand completely. As far as your noisy neighbors, well, I guess you could blast your TV. Then, everybody is happy.


  2. A Tip of high added value much more of bail out. I can not argue, how I feel going through this. But certainly, it’ll contribute in no more means to burst my hiding curiosity to learn.


  3. I’m not opposed to sleeping in a tent, actually some of my fondest memories were… Never mind 😉 lol Now as for the fluffy pillow, well I prefer to snuggle up, I mean cuddle, the pillow I mean, well sort of 🙂 Have a fun evening Amy and be good, I always am 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx


    1. I think I would enjoy camping, although haven’t done much of it! As long as you have a fluffy pillow for your head, right, who cares where you sleep. Enjoy your pillow! Thanks, Andro.


      1. Yes I agree, I never want to be
        without a nice pillow or two 🙂 Hey 😉 lol
        Have a wonderful start to your
        Tuesday Amy and thank you for
        being such a sport, I know that my
        tongue-in-cheek wickedness is not
        for everyone 🙂 Be good now 🙂

        Andro xxxx


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