CBC Short Story Prize

Congratulations to Trent Lewin! His short story has been selected for the shortlist for the CBC Short Story Prize. His story is one of five chosen from 3,200 entries. His story is brilliant! You must read. Although voting has no bearing on who is chosen as the winner, I’m sure it can’t hurt. Go check it out and vote.

Trent Lewin

Hi all.  Made the short-list for CBC’s short story prize – grand prize winner to be announced later in March.  You can read the story, see a photo!, and read a short interview here:


I think there’s a voting mechanism, so if you like the story and are of a mind… I’d highly appreciate it.  Words really can’t express how I feel right now.  I’ve never submitted anything before, so this is all new – but awesome.  Thanks so much CBC!Banner-ShortStory

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11 thoughts on “CBC Short Story Prize

  1. Trent is one of my faves Amy. He is a very talented man with a wild imagination. ( like you… Only you’re a lady with a coolio imagination)


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