Striking a Pose in the Twitterverse

You heard that right. I’ve struck a pose in the Twitterverse. Twitterville. Twiiterland. Land of Tweets. Oh, I guess we could just say Twitter. Yep, I finally took the plunge.

How I currently see Twitter.
How I currently see Twitter.

I owe my thanks to Jon of Jumping from Cliffs and his lovely post, How to Win at Twitter in 7 Easy Steps. Only 7 steps? AND I can win? Yes! I couldn’t pass this up. Jon has all sorts of good advice. You really should follow his blog if you don’t already.

Now, I am properly feathered. Now I know, for example, that I should NOT be spammy. That’s perfect. Hate that stuff. And to tweet, retweet and such.

Also, the importance of the bio cannot be overstated. I thought up the following bios for myself:

I suck at this. Won’t you please help me?

That might give the wrong impression. No? Well how about this, because less is more on Twitter:

She’s lost. Help her? 

Seriously, I did come up with something else, which I’ll probably change tomorrow, regardless of the notion, according to some in the know, that no one cares. Okay, that would be my husband who said this. I suppose after thousands of followers, maybe.

Still working on the “sprucing up” part. You’re my friends, so I know you won’t hold this against me, right? I included the blue flamingo in my banner because “Blue Flamingo” used to be my nickname when I danced in this dance theater group. This is how is came about:

Dancer: Amy, you will be a flamingo.

Me: Okay, but I don’t want to be pink.

Dancer: Then you will be blue.

There you have it! It worked for me, because I like blue. I was the Blue Flamingo for a bit. There was also a Giraffe.

I’ll admit that I’m slow to adopt the social media since I’ve never considered myself to be a Me Me person. I’m not saying you are. It’s just that whenever I think about social media, generally, it’s all about Me and Look at me. I said, LOOK at me. LOOK at ME, ME. Meeeee. Are you still looking at me, because I don’t feel that you are? How can I say this any other way. LOOK AT ME!! LOOK LOOK!! I’m not trying to exaggerate.

And now with DeepFace, oh help us all. A missing airplane and now this.

Actually, Twitter looks to be a fun, informative place, and as the ever so gracious Guapo revealed, “a wicked (fun) timesuck! And then I responded, and he favorited my tweet. I got very excited about that!

Oh, and Tipsy Lit favorited my comment, even welcomed me. They are a class act.

And on Day two, thanks to Carrie for the warm welcome.

Now I can follow Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. I always wanted to do that.

And you. I want to follow you! I have followed some of my friends here in a very random, haphazard manner. So, if you reach out to me, I promise I’ll be following you back.

I’m @amyreesewrites

Meet you at the pond!

My inquiring mind wants to know: Do you have any Twitter tips for me? Do you have recommendations on who to follow? Any celebrities you enjoy?  Is Twitter a big timesuck? What isn’t a big timesuck these days? I need answers. 

photo credit: sinkdd via photopin cc

52 thoughts on “Striking a Pose in the Twitterverse

    1. Oh, it’s good to see you again! It’s been a while. I thought I was the last one to join Twitter. Does it feel that way to you? Well, welcome to you too!


    1. You are tweetless? I’m in shock, Denise. Not only because I thought I was the only one not on Twitter, but I thought for sure you would like such a thing! I hope you join soon. I think cat and kid qualify fine. You are sufficiently twittered.


      1. No – I can’t handle any more social media in my life at this point 🙂 I spend 8 hours a day on a machine at work and too much time at home ~ I also don’t have a smart phone, which for some reason, I associate having a twitter account with.

        I’m never what you expect!


      2. I totally get it, Denise. One is quite enough actually. But now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’m excited about it. Funny, I always associated Twitter with a smart phone too. But you don’t have to have one. I still prefer my computer to type responses. Now I am on phone and it’s difficult. Ha ha.


  1. Follow me!
    I’ll hook you up with Oprah and the Pope, I pester them a lot, wanna get an answer. Even if it’s in the form a restriction order.
    I’ll follow you.


  2. Twitter is like a twenty four hour party. It goes from the deeply profound to the shockingly profane, and everywhere in between (often from just one tweeter!).
    Best tips I have are follow who you like, ignore who you don’t, and don’t click links from people you aren’t sure about, especially if you’re @’d by someone with no followers who isn’t following anyone.

    (And I always read the bios.)


    1. A ha, Guapo! I imagine there’s anything and everything out here. Good to know about being watchful. I have to say there is this feeling of exposure that’s different from other social media. What does my husband know? I like reading the bios, too!


  3. I’m so glad you joined the Twitterverse! Tough to be a writer these days and not be on it. But I actually love the site (far more than Facebook), because I can get quick snippets of info or laughs, and it doesn’t take too much time from the day. My biggest piece of advice for Twitter is LISTS. Make lists to keep track of the people you’re following. I make all my lists private, and I check in on my various lists on various days. Can’t get to them all every day. But I do have one list devoted to my favorite interactive tweeps; those who don’t just post timed tweets or promotional tweets but actually engage with me. Of course, you’re on that list now. Yay! 🙂


    1. Great advice, Carrie. Thank you. I guess I shouldn’t delay in putting together lists. You’re so organized. I’m impressed. And I’m thrilled to be on your favorite list. Awww, thanks!


  4. I don’t Twitter or FB but I have been asked hundreds of times, you never know one day I just might take the plunge myself but as I am always so far behind on WP where would I find the time for anything else? Which is why I have never joined them 🙂 I think following Guap’s tips will serve you very well though, and hey enjoy it Amy 🙂

    Andro xxxx


    1. Andro, I said the same thing for a long time. And I am quite easily sucked into distracting things. That’s the fun stuff. Well, if you ever join, please look me up. Amy xox


      1. If I do, then I will 🙂
        glad I wrote it that way
        around or someone
        could mistake it for
        something else 🙂 lol

        Happy Twittering Amy 😉

        Andro xxxx


  5. Enjoy Twitter, Amy. I’m on there somewhere, but don’t use it nowadays… I’m on G+ as well, and don’t use that either. My blog used to be called Me! Me! Me me me! before I had a revamp, incidentally. It wasn’t ALL about me…


    1. Well, hello Tom. I’ll look for you on Twitter even though you’re not there much. You could always change your mind. I actually wish I was more of a Me Me person if only because I think I would find social media an easier thing to do. Hopefully, I will get the hang of it and be tweeting away!


  6. Heavens above, thank you heartily for such a lovely credit Amy! Not sure whether to be delighted that I spurred you into Twitter or whether I owe you an apology 🙂 This post is hilarious BTW, I love your writing style. Makes me grin from ear to ear.


    1. Of course, you’re most welcome. You truly were the last straw and I said to myself…f not now, then when? Oh Jon, an apology is not necessary! I’ll have to sort it all out there in the Twiitterverse. Many thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  7. I like the link, and while I’m still struggling in the Twitterverse, I plod along. It’s all or nothing for me at the moment, and that’s with all my social media. Find me at @MrsJUniverse if you want to.


    1. I gotcha! Thanks, Jen. Mrs. Universe! I’m finding a lot of things feel this way. That it’s all or nothing or…failure! Actually, I just keep plodding along too because that’s all I can do. I will see you out there! Thanks for following.


  8. Here you are. I lost you.

    Twitter schmitter. Facebook schmacebook. I can’t be bothered with either. My idiot blog consumes enough of my time. I can’t imagine trying to work social media into my already jam-packed day. I suppose I’d acquire a bigger audience for said blog, but I kind of like feeling disconnected from those joints. They drive some people crazy. My Bride gave it up for Lent and she’s crawling up the wall.


    1. Oh, I know the feeling, which is why I’ve resisted so long myself. The nice thing I’m finding is that there are so many bloggers out there and that’s pretty cool. We can help support each other and chat. Maybe you would like it. I can understand just staying away too. My hubby is quite a tweeter too, and actually uses it in his classes! I treat it as my news feed, since I don’t get cable anymore. I hope your wife hangs in okay. Maybe she could start a blog. Ha ha.


      1. Facebook is the devil’s playground. Sooner or later I’m going to want to know what all my old girlfriends look like and I don’t need that kind of noise in my life. And there’s only room for ONE blog at Casa de Mark, and that’s MINE.


  9. I used to be quite into Twitter, but then I went off it, because it was time-zapping, and I preferred to use my social media time on blogging and facebook. I’ve started using Twitter more at work now, with my work Twitter account I mean, and I find it good for that to keep up to date with education-related news and people. I may get back into it on my personal one at some point, we’ll see! I will come and follow you on it later though. It only really gets good when you follow lots of people and have lots of followers and make the effort to interact with the others on there. It’s as lively as you want to make it!


    1. Vanessa, I can see how you can really tailor it to make it what you want and direct your interests. There’s so many people out here I thought I was the only one not on Twitter. When you get back to it, please look me up. I can see you can put a lot into it. I’m getting that. As I told one blogger, it feels like I’m trying to merge into a fast lane of moving cars! It feels a little crazy.


  10. I followed you, Amy – I still don’t understand Twitter but I’ll read How to Win at Twitter in 7 Easy Steps and hopefully I’ll understand what I’m doing 😉


    1. Yay! I found you out there, Dianne. We found each other again in another Universe. Thanks for the follow. I think you will enjoy Jon’s article and his blog! He’s great.


  11. Hi Amy 😀 I am not a twit !! I joined FB for a while and found it totally useless, so left. I am forced to have G+. I tried to delete it but my Youtube went with it, so had to sign back on and YT came back. I have been asked many times to join other social media sites, but I do enough twittering in my WP comments to take on any more.
    I make lists like Carrie, but in secret folders in my back up memory stick (not in my laptop as goodness knows who is poking around in there). Lists such as passwords & blogs/bloggers names. The secret folders are named. “passwords” & “blogs/bloggers names”. They’ll never look in there 😉
    Have fun being a twit my friend. Ralph xox 😀


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