I Met the Banner of My Dreams – Thank you, Adam!

I just met my the banner of my dreams thanks to Adam Sendek, Designer Extraordinaire. See the masterpiece above! I just want to give a shout-out to Adam over at The Chowderhead for his artistic talent and vision. I want to personally thank him for sticking with me and creating something far and beyond what I imagined.

We first talked about a new banner back in September of last year. So you see it’s been quite a process. Adam has been extremely patient with me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted and we tried a couple of different ideas. Finally, Adam requested that I better define the purpose of my blog, and not just for him, but for myself as well.

So, if you’re considering a blog makeover or just want a little lift, I highly recommend Adam’s services, even if you’re unsure of what you want. Adam will help you get there. Our process was somewhat collaborative in that I found 49 images which I thought were interesting. Yeah, I know. I went a little crazy. No worries, either, Adam is a professional and respects copyright laws. I also want to add he’s quite efficient with a quick turnaround time.

When Adam asks, “Are you giving me creative control of it?” You simply answer, “Yes.” He will not only give you what you want, he’ll take it up to a completely new level and a few more notches. His masterful creation totally blew me away and far exceeded my expectations.

I now want to live inside my banner! It will be my go-to place when I need to meditate and just be. You are also welcome to be inside my banner anytime you wish!

Contact Adam for your custom banner or other creative design needs. Here’s a link to his Banner Design Services. Chowderhead

 Thank you so much, Adam! \m/


49 thoughts on “I Met the Banner of My Dreams – Thank you, Adam!

  1. Oh man, that was really cool and sweet of you, Amy. Thanks a lot! I’m really glad that everything worked out, and I’m glad that you gave me a fifth chance haha. Rock. On. \m/


  2. I noticed the header the other day, Amy, and wondered if it was anything to do with Adam – he’s good! I like the transition, the passage of time, the thoughts, and the calmness about it… you can lose yourself there!


    1. Yes, it’s Adam! You are correct. I like it too for all the reasons you stated here. It has a nice dreamy quality about it I really like. You can come over here if ever need to lose yourself. Thanks, Tom.


  3. That’s a great banner Amy! It suits you so well too. Beautiful! Just as my banner suits me from Adam! He does awesome work doesn’t he? Really, really nice!


  4. I’ve seen his stuff on a lot of sites. He always does great work.
    Yours is simply fantastic.

    Great job again, Adam! Adds a really nice touch to Amy’s site.


  5. Amy, it’s absolutely beautiful! And I love the font. I never knew who those people were stumbling down the hallway in your previous blog header, and although I am sure they were lovely people, this is so much more welcoming. It really suits you, and Adam rocks!!


    1. Thank you, Maddie. Ha! I have to tell you when Adam and I were discussing fonts, we used Font Squirrel. And he said, I love fonts, and I said…Maddie does too and she loves Font Squirrel!! Ha ha. It was funny. I couldn’t be happier with this banner. Adam does rock!


  6. Adam keeps amazing me, and I keep holding out. I know he could do such a great job… but I just don’t know what i want for my blog! This is probably my favorite banner so far! I loved the photo you had, but frankly this is perfect for your writing… it reminds me of your son, too. It’s got a fantasy element, like many of your stories. It’s mysterious (like you); it’s artsy, and it’s really creative. WAY. COOL! Adam rocked this one out of the park!!


    1. Well, as I mentioned Dawn, Adam will help you with shaping what you want. He has lots of ideas, too, so you don’t have to know exactly what you want, maybe just a sense of it is good enough! You should definitely give it a go. Do you think I’m mysterious? Thank you so much. I love all your comments! I love that’s it’s creative and otherworldly. Absolutely, Adam rocked it out of the park!


      1. As I mentioned, even if you’re not quite sure, Adam can help you out there. Even if you just have an image in your mind or a feeling… 🙂


    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I think he really captured something magical and mystical. He really deserves a proper shout-out after putting up with me! Ha ha. Plus, I think he’s quite talented.


    1. It’s an epidemic, I say! Ha ha. It is fun to have a new look, and I certainly couldn’t ask for more. It’s a great feeling when you feel it and can say, “This is perfect!” That was music to Adam’s ears, I’m sure. It was a lot of fun, too.


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