Drama Queen – Friday Fictioneers

Drama Queen


“It’s the director’s wife’s sister’s husband,” the stagehand said, whispering into the mic of his headset.

“No, it’s the brother of the director’s wife,” a voice answered.




The leading lady begins.

“Love is…

She throws her shawl on the floor

“…a slow caress…”


“She’s off script again,” said the stagehand.


Thud. Her shoes drop to the floor.

“Her lips on mine…,” she fixates on a woman in the front row.

She slides her dress past her waist, exposing her nipples to the air.


“It’s the director’s wife.”

“Fade to black.”

“Not a chance.”


A huge thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading this pack, and to Kent Bonham for the photo. I love this prompt.

Having been in a few theater productions myself, I think the real drama happens backstage.

I went over a few words, but since some of my words are directional, I hope you’ll allow me a little latitude. (Fixed with Rich’s help. Thanks, Rich!)

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Genre: Humor (100 words)

Copyright – Kent Bonham





103 thoughts on “Drama Queen – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Nipples have always enticed my sweet friend 😉


    Have you noticed the centre light on your picture,
    it reminds me of a Dragon, open mouthed and ready
    to swoop 🙂 lol

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend Amy 🙂

    Andro xxxx


    1. I had a feeling they might 🙂

      No, I have not noticed. Do you mean on my picture or my banner? I will take a closer look. In any case, I’m happy to incite your imagination.

      You too, have a lovely and thrilling weekend. xoxo


  2. Dear Amy,

    Nope you didn’t need the audience’s gasp. It was audible. You made the right decision. 😉 One thing I’ve learned is to never tell the reader how to react. Let him/her decide if it’s funny or shocking.

    Great job.




    1. Rochelle, that’s wonderful advice. I always give my audience credit, too, for being so smart. If they feel anything at all after reading my writing, I’m pretty excited about that. Thanks so much!



  3. Interestingly, there’s multiple reasons for your closing line … perhaps it’s a way to get back at the director … perhaps she has attractive breasts … perhaps ____


    1. Ha ha….perhaps…yes. You can fill blank there if you’d like 🙂 Frank, this is very thoughtful on your part to think this through. It could be any number of the reasons you gave. I agree completely!


      1. Oooh !! A” Mwah” as well !!

        I’ve no idea what it means. Possibly Praying Mantis talk ? ” I’ll chew your head off after making mad passionate love to you ” 😉 hehe. Here Amy. Have two hearts ❤ ❤


  4. It reminded me of a vanity production of Romeo and Juliet I saw many years ago. Juliet was played by a woman who was about 35 years old. Her husband was financing the production. 35 isn’t old–I only WISH I was 35 again–but it’s a little long in the tooth for Juliet.


    1. Yeah, definitely! I would agree with you there. Perhaps, she will play Juliet until she’s old and gray. Ha ha. I wonder now if she did a strip tease. Just kidding! Thanks, Mark.


  5. Oh, yeah! I’m laughing. This could totally happen. There is nothing like a Drama Queen exposing nipples to keep stage hands on their feet. The back stage people are masters of keeping themselves amused while always keeping an eye on the antics on stage. This is still making me laugh, Amy. Nice job!


    1. Ha ha. You’re absolutely right. They are masters at keeping themselves amused and I think they know everything that’s going on. They hear all the gossip and, of course, quietly watch the comings and goings of all involved. Kind of in the background, but very much front and center. Thanks so much, Michelle! I’m glad I could make you laugh.


  6. I really enjoyed this. “Not a chance.” Ha! I was wondering why it was going to matter that they knew who she was.


    1. Ha ha. Yeah, I think when nipples are involved, no one cares about much. It’s the director’s wife sitting in the front row. That’s who she’s having an affair with…


  7. I really enjoyed what you did here, such a different take and it worked very well.
    I expect the nipples had a lot to do with it…


  8. Amy, I love the quick back and forth between offstage and onstage, seeing what is happening and what it means. I’m sure everyone there got there money’s worth that night. I like the last line. 🙂


  9. The snide, back-biting banter was brilliant, stopped suddenly by the bared breasts. (I swear that was accidental alliteration, darling.) I really enjoyed this — and I’m with Rochelle — never tell your audience how to react.


    1. Ha ha. Your comment was delicious. I’m eating it all up, darling. I couldn’t agree more about letting your audience react. They will react any way they damn feel like it!


  10. “not a chance” is right! in fact, please continue. please?!

    oh, and miss 104. c’mon now. here’s what you do:

    “said a voice on the other end.”

    change that to “a voice answered.” there’s four words cut.

    you’re welcome. now please continue. pretty please???


      1. if you can remember, never hesitate to let me know when you have something for me to read. with my new work schedule, i barely get on facebook much or read many blogs anymore. but i love to read and critique short stories or chapters when i know they’re out there to see.


  11. Well written dialogue. I wasn’t really sure about the woman in the front row. This play may be sold out for the rest of the performances. She seems to know where her true talent lies.


    1. Thanks, Patricia. This one is a little connecting the dots. She’s fixated on a woman in the front row, who as it turns out, is the director’s wife. I hope that makes sense. She’s an attention seeker for sure.


  12. Great dialogue. I’m surprised this pair ever get any work done. Great story leaving us wanting so much more. She really is a character to mine for stories. 🙂


  13. “She’s off script again,” said the stagehand.
    This line makes it, for me. Like the leading lady just… does this, all the goddamned time. Nipples and all. So much so, that the hand just doesn’t yelp it, or exclaim it; there’s no italicization, no outwardly forceful punctuation, and that works. No one truly reacts, because oh, it’s Friday, the curtain goes up, we’re live, aaaand there’s her nipples. Again. I think I know this woman. I’m still laughing.


  14. Amy, I somehow missed this in my posting effort of this FF. This is… awesome. Love the screenplay format to carry your story, and I like how that totally encapsulates the ego-driven actor mind expressed through action. A+


    1. Awww, thanks Rants. You made my night! I know it’s tough to read all the FF, huh? There’s so many. Thank you, kindly. Thanks for coming back to catch it.


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