Candle Magic – Friday Fictioneers

Candle Magic

Maya’s nostrils flared with the scent of jasmine drifting past her in thin bands of smoke. A crack in her aunt’s bedroom door revealed a wax waterfall cascading from the table to the brown shag carpet. Lola lay in her bed sniffling next to a mountain of loose, tissue balls.

Maya dipped her fingers in the candle’s’ wax pool, the liquid hot and soothing on her flesh.

“I brought healing ointment,” Maya said. “Something to help with…what’s it called…unrecycled love?”

Lola laughed, tears streaming down her face. “Close enough. Recycle this for me.” She handed Maya a letter. “Burn it.”



Thanks to Rochelle for leading this group of talented writers, and to Renee Heath for this week’s photo.

Genre: General (100 words)

Copyright – Renee Heath


54 thoughts on “Candle Magic – Friday Fictioneers

      1. oh, so she meant to say unreciprocated but said unrecycled by mistake? i was thinking it should be unrequited or unrequieted, but i never understood that one either. thanks!


      2. Oh no, sorry. Duh. That’s what I meant. You should see me switching from three different devices to blog while I cook dinner. I changed it a little. Maybe it reads better. You never probably experienced unrequited love, huh?


  1. Poor Lola. Haven’t we all been there? I’m fascinated that you had Maya sticking her fingers into the melted wax. I do that. I’ve never heard of anyone else ever doing that. I thought I was some kind of masochist.


  2. I was thinking the same thing about putting fingers in hot wax. You’re the second person who included that in a story and I flinched both time. I know hot wax is used in spa and I even had a hand treatment like that once as part of a gift package. But I’d never stick my finger in hot candle wax. What a wuss, eh? I also enjoyed “unrecycled love” and you really made these two and their emotions come alive.



    1. Really?! I thought everyone put their fingers in hot wax. Ha ha! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! I’m glad it came alive. That’s such a boost to hear.



  3. I took it that Maya misspoke “unrecycled” on purpose to break the mood for Aunt Lola. Laughter is the best gift they say, and often a great start to the healing process.


    1. I see Maya as young and actually just getting it wrong! But she tried. Your interpretation is quite possible too. In any case, laughter is definitely a start to the healing process. Where would we be without it? Thanks, Russell!


    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that was exactly the idea about her age. I see her young and maybe hearing about unrequited love from her mother or something. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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