Origins – Friday Fictioneers


The Saltbacks rarely left Deep Trench, unable to risk the mud on their skins or the bright light in their eyes. Their helmets depressurized the air, and they fell onto the land dazed and trembling.

Rumors flourished that the MudBorne, indigenous to the land, lived as savages in the toxins and ate visiting Saltbacks.

Days passed, and the Saltbacks saw no life. When their clothes became muddied, they disrobed. Craving the thinness of the air, they shielded their skin with mud and walked into the forest.

And so, a new generation was born. They called themselves the MudSalts.


I want to say thanks for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her dedication and time, and to B.W. Beacham for the photo.

I’m not sure what inspired my story this week. Feel free to laugh with me or at me, or you can laugh at my story, too. Isn’t it so remarkable that 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored? Stop to think about that one.

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Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor (98 words)

Copyright – B.W. Beacham

70 thoughts on “Origins – Friday Fictioneers

    1. All sorts of things. Maybe even scary monsters! And where else will we go if water covers most of the Earth. We will have to live underwater. I guess the MudSalts prefer land!


  1. Later on, as the civiization of the Mudborne grew, their origins from Saltbacks were commemorated annually, deliciously, deep fried-edly at the Mudborne Faire.


    1. I did read this to my kids, Dawn, and they laughed! So, I thought, it’s a winner, at least to them. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thank so much for all the kind words!


  2. Amy, I feel like you’ve given us a glimpse into the history of an alternate world or something. I really like it. Are these supposed to be humans or just some other creatures?


    1. Thank you, David. I see them as human in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic landscape where the ocean covers most of the Earth…millions of years from now when we colonize under water. Oh, it could happen on our sister planet in another galaxy. 🙂


  3. Oh I really like this. I can just see those Saltbacks emerging and lathering on the mud. Great imagination this week – and you’ve left me smiling. 🙂


  4. If they go to Utah, they could call themselves the great MudSalt Flats (sounds like a jazz band, doesn’t it?). Great story, Amy. I could picture it in my mind.


    1. Oh, haha! If I could add a few more words, this would be them. I love it! And you know, the MudSalts, as it turns out, are quite gifted musicians. Thanks for the laughs, Russell.


    1. Well hello Amy! It’s nice to meet you here. It looks like we have something in common! Thanks! I think I’d like to do some kind of underwater world story. Thanks for reading.


  5. This was more futuristic to me. Perhaps it was the grocery cart in the mud. There may come a time when the planet is such a mess it will be the Mudsalts who save civilization. If nothing else, they will probably have great skin.


    1. Yay!! You did it! Yes, yes, Michelle. This is futuristic. Indeed, I thought of it as post-apocalyptic, and water covers most of the earth and there are underwater colonies. I had more in my initial draft at 130 words and I could have chosen a better title. It probably confuses people. Anyway. Yay, I’m so happy you interpreted it this way. Thank you!


  6. Amy, Good and interesting story. We weren’t there so how can we be really sure the way things happened. For some reason my mind brought up the thought of “salt flats.” Perhaps they were another branch. 🙂 Well done.



  7. Yes. Liked your story. As an anthropologist I do love alternate forms of speciation. All life began in the sea. Excellent premise. Lucy


    1. Wow, and to hear from an anthropologist, the pleasure is all mine.Thank you. I do my best. I’m fascinated with the unknown world of the sea. Thanks, Lucy!


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