The Weather Talent – Friday Fictioneers

Today’s forecast has been brought to you by All Things Electric.

Scattered storms are anticipated from the mid-valley up to the lakes region this late afternoon into the early morning. Expect winds at breakneck speed and severe hail. Flying, hotheaded frogs and debris from parked cars, appliances and anything still lying around from previous events are possible. Although last week’s massive swallow dropout had been an impressive show, frogs’ slimy residue is difficult to wash out. Watch this storm at your own risk. You may prefer to head for the cellar with a thermos of hot chocolate. Don’t forget your candles.


I just love storms, although I’ve never seen flying frogs before.

Every week, Friday Fictioneers rise to the challenge of writing a 100-word story prompted by a photo. If you would like to take part, find full instructions here.

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this group and to Kelly Sands for this week’s photo.

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Copyright – Kelly Sands

Genre: Humor (100 words)

57 thoughts on “The Weather Talent – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Love this, Amy! You captured the National Weather Service lingo perfectly. We get a lot of those severe weather warnings here, you know, floods, thunderstorms, hail and even a few flying frogs! Great job!


    1. Thanks, Cathy. You’ve seen the flying frogs? Wow, I am so jealous. I remember the storms in Fort Collins. I miss those afternoon storms! My niece just moved to Colorado and loves the weather. Never a dull moment there.


    1. Dear Rochelle,
      Locusts? Why not. You never know who may show up ready to perform. Squirrels? I’m sitting there next to you with a cup of hot cocoa. Thanks!


  2. I think it’s the cellar for me with a nice hot thermos. Getting hit in the face by flying amphibians doesn’t sound like a good prospect.
    I just got an image in my mind of a frog flying fast, little legs frantically whirling, eyes popping out of its head as it whizzes past to who knows where 🙂


    1. Ooh, I love that description of the flying amphibians. In fact, I want to change it from frogs to amphibians. Excellent! It sounds more scientific that way. That’s about as scientific as I get, Alistair. I’ll add your description as an addendum. 🙂 It’s the cellar for me, too.


  3. I can just hear the monotone voice of the National Weather Service predicting flying frogs and appliances. Perhaps we’ll combine the two and have frog legs for supper.


    1. Now that is a clever idea! You have such superb ideas, Russell. This all perfectly reasonable to me that frogs and appliances would be combined. What a tasty treat! I like the monotone voice effect as well. That’s exactly what I was shooting for.


    1. Flying pretzels. That sounds like quite a party, Perry! I don’t want any mustard in my face though okay or my hair. I bet you could come up with some goodies. I feel I could have been a bit more over the top with this, but also tried to balance with a realistic weather report. I would like to add flying pretzels to the mix. 🙂 They go with well hot cocoa, don’t they?


      1. We’ve had some wind overnight where I’m sure frogs must have been flying around – it’s been gale force!

        Those dancing lizards are SO cute 😀


    1. Hotheaded, yes! Those frogs are ready for some excitement. Thanks! Flooding can do some horrible damage. I witnessed a 500-year flood, so I know what you mean. And, a flash flood is really scary.

      ‘m quite behind this week, traveling out of town for my son’s water polo tournament. I’ll be by later!


    1. Thanks. That’s right, Randy. The cows always like to be in on the action. Sure, they’re invited to join in anytime. Frogs en masse do sound like a plague or uncomfortable, to say the least.


    1. Flying fish are pretty cool, too, Nan. Maybe those fish would rather be on land or they need a breath of fresh air. They’re mermaid fish. Thank you. 🙂


  4. Hey, is this landing page a revamp? A new skin? I likee.

    Does it count if you can’t get to Friday Fictioneers until Sunday night?

    Storms are EXCELLENT. Especially early Sunday morning while lying in bed.


    1. Ooh, ooh Mark. I’m so glad you noticed. I’m not sure people are seeing it or not. It’s actually part of the theme I used before and I’ve only now learned how to use it. Ha ha. So, sure, it’s a new skin. I rather likee it myself.

      Technically, I have until the following Tuesday to complete my Fictioneer story. You, you take as much time as you need! There are no penalties.

      Agreed! I love storms. Excellent in bed, yes. I wouldn’t want to be thrashed around in one.


  5. Great weather forecasting delivery. And such imagination. I’m trying to imagine the effects of a swallow dropout. 😉


  6. Amy, as I’m reading this, a gentle rain is falling. I’m on the porch and I hear a bullfrog in the ditch behind the back fence arguing with a bluejay perched on a tree branch about fifty feet away from where I am sitting. Sounds like they are discussing politics. Happy, happy summertime. Nice weather report!


    1. Wow, Honie. It’s almost as if I wrote this just for you! Everyone came to the party, the frog, the bird. Maybe they talk politics, like who’s doing the next storm. Happy summertime to you, too! Thanks!


  7. Storms can be exciting and frightening. I can remember as a kid seeing golf ball size hail and thinking wow that’s scary. 🙂 Love how you predicted this storm and gufawed over the frogs.


    1. Thanks so much, Kourtney. I personally love storms. We had hail storms growing up, but never really golf-ball size! How fun. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


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