Write to the Death – Friday Fictioneers

Samantha whistled at her feet. Boring.

Samantha’s warm visage emboldened her to take broad steps across the street like nobody’s business. Whatever does that mean?

Why Samantha? Sabrina? Sarina? Must it start with a “s”? How about Carina?

Carina traveled, strode…no, glided effortlessly…wandered?…no…sauntered…

Oh, look.  A bill I need to pay. Hey, there’s my lotion. (Lathers copious amounts on body).

Carina careened into a car… no, a bus!…her broad steps diverted, her short journey across the street made shortercurtailed…flattened, her warm visage decidedly blue.

Poor Carina. Already dead. My character didn’t even make it across the street.


Genre: Humor (100 words)

Copyright:  Jan Wayne Fields


I’ve attempted to create a piece that is awkward and forced, in which the writer is feeling a bit of a block. I guess Carina was simply not meant to be.

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers, and to Jan Wayne Fields for the photo. If you want to try this 100-word challenge, please join in!

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73 thoughts on “Write to the Death – Friday Fictioneers

  1. maybe your character Samantha is the owner of my character’s blog. 🙂 love how you ran through all the different names of characters…it felt very real, the writer’s block thing.


    1. Thanks, Sun. It was a little tricky to do, you know, to force it. Actually, not really. I just had fun with it. I’ll send Samantha/Sabrina/Carina over to your blog now. She’s all done here! Thanks. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true, Elizabeth. That is the power, the writer decides who lives and who doesn’t. Ah, yes, the power. Poor Carina, she had to walk into a bus. What was she thinking anyway? 🙂


  2. Dear Amy,

    It took me a couple of lines to realize what was going on here. Then I laughed out loud. I’ve had this experience. Love the stream of consciousness, easily distracted inner dialogue. 😀




    1. Yeah, I was wondering how it would read. I’m glad it made sense to you and that I could make you laugh! My inner dialogue seems to be most active when I’m writing. Gee, I wonder why that is. Thanks, Rochelle. 😀


  3. Very clever take on the picture. And so true…names, verbs, character’s life span…so many tough choices when writing a story.


    1. Characters can make a quite impression in our real lives and it’s sad when they die an unexpected death, especially if they were just born. Ha ha Thanks so much, Kent!


  4. Amy, That was hilarious. XD I sat here and laughed. Poor thing; she couldn’t even make it across the street. It finally took a bus to stop her though. That was really a short existence. 😀 Well written indeed. 🙂 —Susan


    1. Thanks, Susan. I glad it made you laugh. It just so happened a bus hit her, or um, she wandered into it! Oh well. Easy come, easy go. She didn’t quite make the cut! 🙂


  5. So many of our wonderful characters leave us too soon. Many still, however, keep a place in our minds and hearts. I shall keep “what’s her name” doing whatever wherever in mind until whenever.


    1. Scott, I’m so pleased that she’s made enough of an impression that you will keep her in mind, even if it is until whenever! I think it’s really hard when you love a character, and zap, the character is killed unexpectedly. It can make for exciting reading though, but sad nonetheless.


      1. I know, I know! I feel the same way about that show. I understand the writer of that comic book doesn’t hesitate whatsoever to kill his characters off. My husband who has read it has told me to not get too attached to anyone. Oh! Just don’t kill off Daryl! Please no.


      2. All of you women just love Daryl.
        I enjoy the two sisters and Mishonng (sp?). I have this feeling about them, though.
        Another show that’s rough for this is “Game of Thrones”! Don’t kill off my favorites, please!!!


      3. Yeah, you’re probably right. Why, I don’t know! Now I’m a little behind, haven’t seen season 4. But I know I like Michonne a lot. And Game of Thrones, I haven’t really watched except a couple of episodes. It’s on my list! That’s definitely another one that kills off favorites.


      4. Xfinity offered Game of Thrones free for 5 days, so, in that time, I watched all the episodes for the first 3 or 4 seasons. I have not seen the last 1/2 of the current season. I am growing restless; I need that fix!


  6. Carina careened and Amy animated, played, cavorted. I love you way you showed us a bit more of your writing process and humour with this. Isn’t it what we all do at times? Good one!


    1. Ah, thanks Sarah! I try to have fun with it. Sometimes something can come out of a really bad sentence. If not, death is always an option! Carina careened was totally unplanned, and my favorite part of this.


  7. Amy, I didn’t read through all the comments, but I appreciate your use of strong verbs (careened). It’s amusing to witness the brain’s conflicting signals during the writing process. Seemed like a tug-of-war going on inside . . .


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