Follow-up on Tessa

I’d like to thank everyone who read my Tessa story, or any part of it. To all who liked, commented, or read it, even in secret, I’m grateful for every read. Special thanks to Carrie, Michelle, Jim, and Ralph who read every entry. You guys deserve a prize. I wish I had t-shirts or coffee mugs, or something! When I write my book (notice I said when, not if!), you will receive a free copy with my autograph. That’s if you want it!

I also want to extend thanks to my frequent readers: Sandee, J.D., Marina, Antonio, Dianne, Dawn, La La, Roy, Tom, Melanie, Frank, Virginia, Jackie, Trent, JWo, Guapo, Nan, Mark, David Dixon, David Stewert, Stephen, Chris, Russell, Ileana, Jen, JE Lattimer, and Mihran. I want to especially thank Mihran for the reblogs! I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. My eyes went a little buggy looking at the buttons, trying to figure this out. Just know that if you read it, I’m truly grateful. It was a long story, written over a great length of time, and I understand how difficult it is to read a continuing story on the blogs. So, yes, yes, I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for your comments, too. If I’ve thought about something over and over in my head, it’s difficult to know how it will read. What seems obvious to me may not make any sense to you. And anytime you are pulled out of story, even due to some small detail, well, that needs to get fixed. So, I appreciate all your thoughts.

Now for a bit of background on my story. Initially, my inspiration was a Fedora Man moment in true life, although he didn’t wear a fedora. It so happened I was at Ulta one day, when a man, who said he worked for Channel, whisked me back to a counter with moisturizers and proceeded to rub by fingers with lotions and serums. Yes! It happened. It was surreal.

A couple of entries into my story, I came across this article on Mashable, where it talks about this new field called Beauty Technology. The idea is that basic accessories, like fingernails, eyelashes and makeup are built in with electronic components, called wearable tech. And, it’s disguised. It goes on to describe it, as such:


While wearing the accessories, people can accomplish everyday actions like opening doors or flipping through TV channels by blinking their eyes or snapping their fingers.


Here’s a video demonstration. This is worth watching if only for the headpiece alone! Understand, the woman here is controlling her headpiece by blinking her eyes.

Here, another video from NewScientist, shows a few more tricks:


Wild, huh? Fascinating stuff. So, of course, I stretched it a bit to suggest this wearable tech could be weaponized. Remi/Ronald makes a failed attempt. I don’t want to see this ever happen, although I could definitely see it in a James Bond film, couldn’t you?

My next plan for Tessa is to give my story a name. I think I’m going to go with “Lash.” I hope that doesn’t give the story away. I have yet to read my story from beginning to end. I’m a little afraid, but when I do, and I’m sure it will get a round of edits.

After that, I plan to put it on WattPad. Plus, I get to put a cool cover on it! That’s all the reason to do it right there. So, a cleaner version will be out there, probably in chapter form. I’ll let you know when it is out there. Has anyone else used WattPad? Any thoughts or tips?

Lastly, I may serialize the characters of Tessa, Joelle, and James. I think of it as Chick Lit meets Sci-Fi, or should I say, actual technology that is really here but we don’t know it. I think it’s an untapped market, a new genre, perhaps. I think a lot of technology will be like this. It will be under our noses, and then it will be everywhere. Take camera drones, for example. Did you know that you could have a camera drone, too, and it doesn’t cost that much. Imagine a bunch of camera drones flying around in the sky.

Mostly, I wanted to explore the friendship between Tessa and Joelle, and life of a twenty-something woman in the twenty-first century. I think it’s a lot of different from what I experienced in my young adult life. It’s also meant to be humorous and light, and above all, I hope entertaining.

Thanks again for all your support.

Photo credit: Dicky Ma

36 thoughts on “Follow-up on Tessa

    1. Oh good, Michelle! Yay! So happy to hear you say that. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble. 🙂 Signed copy coming up. Thanks again for all your reading, commenting, and support. I do appreciate you!


    1. Thanks, Stephen. Oh, I added you to my list. So sorry. But I haven’t forgot when you told me to keep going. It was so nice to hear. Thanks, I’ll let you know. 🙂


  1. That is fascinating stuff. A bit eerie to think of the possibilities.

    And you’re very welcome. I enjoyed reading your series, and I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be putting it together on Wattpad (but no, I have no experience with that). Thank you for the mention, and I would be delighted with an autographed book from you someday!


    1. Isn’t it bizarre, Carrie? I thought, I must write about this! It would strange if we all walked around with headpieces like in the video, blinking things, etc.

      Thanks so much. I’m going to give WattPad a try. I don’t know what to expect. I’ll let you know what I find out from it. I hear people can have a lot of success with it. I hope to start writing that book, Carrie. Soon, very soon. I will gladly give you an autographed copy.


    1. Cool, Lauren. Thanks for the feedback. I think there’s a lot of possibilities with chick lit/sci-fi-ish. I picture a big eyelash on my cover. Ha, imagine that!


    1. I opened up an account, but haven’t explored too much. There’s a lot of stuff out there. I’ll say that. I’ll let you know what I think. I’ll get back to you on that, Mark.


      1. That’s the problem. There’s so much stuff out there it’s hard to know what is worth the effort. It helps to know what other writers have done that they thought was worth it.


      2. I will investigate and see if I get any takers. It looks like some people get quite a few reads. If you have something to do put up, you might just give it a go!


  2. I haven’t read any of Tessa, but having read this post it sounds interesting. I see that you’ve put together a convenient index page at … that’s great! There are so many blogs were huge stories have been written over many posts and there is no corresponding index to refer to them all … so frustrating! I’ll have to start reading this Tessa.

    Certainly wearables can be (and will be) weaponized or made a component of police and military hardware. I also read a recent article on Bloomberg talking about wearable tech. being the next frontier for advertisers. Oh yay! Maybe between blinks, you’ll have to dismiss a Tide Detergent advertisement that’s being beamed directly onto your retina. The Bloomberg article is here:

    The older and more crotchety I get, the more I distrust technology. If I continue on this trajectory, I’ll eventually find myself writing a manifesto in a shack in Montana. 😛


    1. Zombie, you sound extremely knowledgeable about tech stuff. Perhaps, you could be my consultant. I would be honored if you wanted to read Tessa. You can let me know how far off the mark I am. But, I knew it! Of course, this stuff can weaponized, and marketized. Oh, but of course. Like Minority Report? The scenario you describe would clearly drive me crazy. I will definitely read your article. Thanks for the reference. You can read my ridiculous stories instead of shacking it in Montana. 🙂 You’ll just shake your head. 😉


  3. I enjoyed the story, it was different and I like different. Cool idea. The videos were a bit weird, but eh, still cool. lol Let me know how wattpad works out for you.


    1. Good. Different is good for me! Thanks, Jackie. Yes, the videos are a little out there, but I guess this tech wear phenom will happen at some, like the Google Glass. That one seems weird enough. I’ll definitely let you know what I think about Wattpad. Perhaps, I will do a post when I can comment about it.


    1. Thanks, Jen! Thanks for reading the story and sticking with it! I had no idea it would take me so long, but I’m glad I took it the end, and am mostly happy with it. Probably until I read it again! I will let you know about WattPad. I’m curious to see what that’s all about.


  4. I thought this series was quite an ambitious undertaking, Amy, and I commend you. To answer your question about wearable tech being weaponized, “I could definitely see it in a James Bond film, couldn’t you?” Yes, absolutely, and I so wish that Bond movie would be directed by Quentin Tarantino.


    1. Thanks, Virginia! Thanks so much for reading. I so appreciate it. I’ve learned since this posting, that wearable tech being weaponized is a definite reality. Of course, right? I’d love to see a Bond made by Quentin Tarantino. Wow, what would that look like?! I think the wearable makeup tech would fit it in nicely.


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