The Mirror Has Two Faces – Friday Fictioneers

Beth pressed her fingertips to her eyes, and sighed at her tired image.

“Darling, look at yourself,” Darren kissed her neck. “You’ll dazzle them tonight. You’re a princess.”

“Oh, please,” Beth said. His eyes overflowed with a love that drowned her.

Beth surrendered her devotion to the vision that crept in behind them, watching their physical scene play out. The mirror held eyes that devoured Beth’s every micro movement.

Abigail cleared her throat.

“Hello, sister,” he kissed Abigail on the cheek. “What a vision you are.”

With flushed face, Beth watched her two lovers in the mirror, staring at her.


Genre: Hot Romance (100 words)

Photo copyright: Janet Webb


Thanks to the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who hosts the Friday Fictioneers at her blog Addicted to Purple. Thanks to Janet Webb for the photo, which gave me lots of ideas. It’s a great prompt.

If you’re interested, why not give this a go? Even though it’s Friday Fictioneers, you technically have until Tuesday to write your story before the link closes. No excuses now.

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60 thoughts on “The Mirror Has Two Faces – Friday Fictioneers

  1. There’s so much here. It’s sweet and human then tense and sultry and then it’s I don’t know what. I just finished _The Thirteenth Tale_ by Diane Setterfield and it has siblings who were inappropriate at best. If you’re a fan of Henry James’ “Turn of the Screw” I’d recommend it.


    1. Thanks for your nice comments, Melanie. I’m glad you took so much from it My main inspiration was the final bit with her looking at them through her own reflection. Is she asking herself, what am I doing? And, does Darren know? If doesn’t yet, he will someday. Thanks for the recs. I’ll add them to my list!


    1. Right, Jackie! The secret life and all the running around she’s probably doing. She’s got to be exhausted. How long will she be able to keep it together? I think when she looks in the mirror she falls apart a little. Thank you.


  2. Amy, that’s creepy. You told us just enough but left us with many questions and possible ways of interpretation. No matter which way we go, I think she’d be better off without both of them! So thankful I never saw anything like this in this mirror. 🙂



    1. Janet, first this really was a great prompt. I had lots of ideas, but this was my first impulse. You know how sometimes you must just write that one! I’ve never seen this is the mirror, thankfully! I have a feeling this won’t be ending well and she will be alone it the end. How tragic! 🙂


    1. It’s true the end of this story could have multiple endings. What will Beth’s next move? Will she stay with Darren? Run away with Abigail? Run away by herself? It’s a mystery. And it’s my pleasure, Audra.


    1. Well now, V, it is love triangle. That’s for sure. And a strange one. I wonder if this has happened to someone, and I think, of course, it has somewhere. Well, you see I got close with Darren, didn’t I? Ha ha. No, I would not do that!


  3. Brothers and sisters are often mirror images of each other so it is easy to see why Beth would be attracted to both. It would come down to what mood she was in if she preferred male or female “companionship”. That could possibly be the perfect relationship. Unless, of course you we are just looking at the typical “menage at trois” and they all do each other. That would creep me out as I am not a fan of incestuous behaviour between brothers and sisters. Yep, it would just creep me out.


    1. What a great observation, Michelle. Brothers and sisters can be mirrors of each other. I actually hadn’t thought about that at all. It could be the perfect relationship, but there seems to be a lot of pull from both of them, so I don’t think poor Beth could handle it. She might burst from the pressure. I think of all of these characters as needy and selfish. A typical “menage a trois” threesome would creep me out, too, in this case. Certainly, this story has been done, right? I’m not even sure. I would be creeped out with you! But it could be fun to explore and write.


  4. Dear Amy, Very well written – and yes, a little uncomfortable for me – but hey – I’m old. You are a great writer and it’s very cosmopolitan of you to write this. And, it really is good. Have a good week! Nan 🙂


    1. Poor Beth. Well, she got herself all mixed up, didn’t she? She’s in quite a situation. You can see I left it open-ended. I think people would rather I didn’t… but it gives an opportunity to think through the possibilities and decide for themselves. The endings all over the place. I think I would have Beth decide, but that it wouldn’t work out the way she wanted it to. She’s not really in control, even though she may think she is.


  5. Tease. You can’t just tell us that much. There is so much more going on here. I like the line, ‘His eyes overflowed with a love that drowned her.’ It injects a minuscule amount of doubt on Beth’s part, as if their relationship is too intense. But then she comes across as a little greedy 🙂


    1. Oh, you think she’s greedy. It’s interesting to get your views. I think she’s in over her head, too. She thinks she can hold it together. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Sarah. I appreciate it. 🙂


    1. What a nice compliment you paid me. Thanks, David. I did envision this scene before I set out to write it. Maybe because it was a mirror, I really saw it. Ha ha. I’m glad you liked it.


  6. it may be time for Beth to walk away from the mirror and take a long vacation…preferably to a spot with no mirrors. 😛 i like the mysterious air your story seems to taking…great for the imagination.


    1. Ha. A vacation from the mirror is good everyone, isn’t it? I once heard of a story, or maybe it was true, where this family went on vacation to a place with no mirrors. No one ever looked into a mirror the entire time. I almost wrote about that. 🙂 That would be interesting to experience. And then the opposite of looking at the mirror all the time would probably screw with someone’s mind. Thanks so much, Sun!


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