That Seat is Taken – Friday Fictioneers

Mother arrived late, and brought a friend dressed in a funny hat. They found Izzy sitting at a table with two extra chairs; alone, drinking tea.

“That seat is taken, Mother,” Izzy said, glaring.

“How about this one?” Mother asked, motioning towards another table.

“Agatha will be upset if I leave her. We’re having tea now.” Izzy poured two cups for her and the empty chair.

“Resident ghost,” Mother whispered to her friend. “You’re looking well, Agatha.”

“No, Mother. Agatha looks horrid. Her skull is oozing brains all over her bloody gown. She’s uncomfortable. Tea, anyone?”

Izzy refilled Agatha’s cup.


Genre: Horror (100 words)

Photo copyright: Melanie Greenwood


As always, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers, and to Melanie for this week’s photo.

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Happy Halloween!! Watch out for the werewolves.


56 thoughts on “That Seat is Taken – Friday Fictioneers

    1. She’s probably used to it. I picture her telling her in a very direct and calm manner. I’m glad you could imagine Mother’s face and took it beyond my story here. Thanks!


    1. Do you picture Agatha in a lace wedding dress? Oh, that’s rich. I like that. I’m happy to have helped your holiday along. We should have some kids, how many is always the big question. The forecast says rain right about trick-or-treating time. That’s a bummer! It may depend on the weather. Will it be a trickle or a downpour?


  1. All my imaginary friends are mentally challenged (slow), but at least they keep what little brains they have safely tucked inside their heads. Plus, they are a playful group and easily entertained. I enjoyed this tale, Amy. Perfect for Halloween.


    1. Hey, I came up with something, Russell! I’m glad you enjoyed my Halloween tale. How lucky your imaginary friends are easily entertained and look presentable. They sound like they’re worth keeping around. 🙂


    1. The hat was more of an impulse, I guess. No, you’re not being dense. When I had a few more words before cutting it down, the friend was dressing up for the visit. I just kept the funny hat…almost took it out. 🙂 Thanks, Sandra.


      1. For a minute I thought the mother had brought an exorcist along, you know, a priest/vicar with a funny hat. Duh! Always searching for a meaning… my problem…


      2. Or, she could be a witch! Ha ha. A funny hat could be anything. I could say it’s certain kind of hat, I suppose. I appreciate that you search for meaning, truly. This is a good thing, and you keep me on my toes! Thank you.


  2. Dear Amy,

    I’m imagining that Izzy is a little girl with a big imagination. I could just see Mother’s expression at Izzy’s description of Agatha. Very cute story…in a somewhat dark sort of way. 😉




    1. Dear Rochelle,
      Izzy is a resident at a mental hospital.That was my intention, perhaps not conveyed at all in this one. Maybe I need more details. She has visitors and her mother makes a reference to the “resident ghost.” So, whether or not it’s true or her imagination is up for grabs. I’m on the side of truth on this one! Yes, so it is a bit dark! 🙂 Thanks, Rochelle.


  3. Dear Amy, Great story! I love Izzy and she should be enjoying her own tea party without Mother dictating to her. Well done Amy, Well done! I also love the ‘Havisham’ part – you are amazing! Nan 🙂


      1. Yes, Pauline was a member of the family and she passed away in my sister’s home. I know it sounds crazy but I saw her go into each child’s room and then the kitchen to put the kettle on. I was babysitting at the time and it freaked me out. I told my sister when she got home and she said, “Oh, yeah, I should have mentioned that started happening”. Several of us saw her without knowing before hand. She did not make the move when my sister and her kids moved to the US.


      2. Wow, Michelle! A real live ghost story. I think I may have been visited by one, but he/she comes so infrequently, I wonder if it’s all in my mind. But this is wild, and I don’t blame you for being freaked out! I would be freaked out, too. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did she stay? What was she wearing? Anyway, I’ve never actually have seen a ghost, so this is special. Thanks for sharing.


      3. I don’t mind at all. She was dressed as I always think of her…in a belted house dress (It may have been a blouse & skirt). I was only freaked out the first time and because I had seen her come out of one child’s room and go into the other. She didn’t stay that long for me to see. However, my wee nephew started to tell great tales of going to heaven with Nana for tea. We would hear him talking in his room at night. No one had mentioned our sightings to him. They had been extremely close. The only person who didn’t see her was her son (my brother in law). He didn’t believe it was true and got really upset when we talked about having seen Pauline. We stopped talking about it in front of him.


      4. How about that? She was dressed as you always saw her. That’s pretty cool. Your little nephew must have been close. It doesn’t sound like he was scared at all. Interesting that she didn’t reveal herself to her son. I guess you can make those kind of choices in death. Maybe her time was limited, or your nephew needed her more. Anyway, I’m pretty sure ghosts exist. I just found out today that the room where I sense the “ghost” activity was a room they added on to the house. Da da dum. Hmm….

        Liked by 1 person

  4. How old is Izzy? She knows her mind anyway. I did feel sorry for Agatha not looking her best, and then there’s poor mother having to explain. 🙂 Love where you went this week.


    1. I saw Izzy as a mental patient for some reason. I had a bit about her gown looking loose on her. But, you know, the cutting of words and then something’s missing. Oh well! I see her as a young adult. Thanks, Sarah!


  5. Oh poor Agatha. Her brains are oozing and she’s ruined her perfectly bloody dress.
    Great story Amy. I wasn’t sure if Izzy was a child or a mental patient, so I’m glad I read the comments, but either way it works. And I love Izzy’s frank voice. “She’s uncomfortable.” Ha! Love it.


    1. I saw Izzy as older, just in my mind. But, yeah, I think it can work either way. You wouldn’t know she was a mental patient probably with the sparse words here, but that is just as I saw her. Thanks. A little something for the holiday!


  6. Amy, I had a feeling that Izzy was disturbed although I didn’t understand the mental hospital part until I read your comment..Good and well-written story that fit in nicely with Halloween. 🙂 — Susan


    1. I guess the tea calms her. 🙂 I hope I never see a ghost in this condition. We think we have ghosts here in our house. Just today, my son said he saw a shadow in the mirror. Oh, I wish he would stop with these stories!


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