Powerless – Friday Fictioneers


I tell you all the things you don’t want to hear,
say the things you cannot say.

You listen, rapt, clutching at your heartstrings
and available resources, but I smother you in a tight coil.

Suspended, immobile, you attempt to break
from my choke hold.

It’s no use.
In an abyss, you fall, dizzy, bereft.

I find you again, and
You reach out as you did before

Pushed and pulled, sucked in,
Persuaded by my disarming mood and your unfilled cravings.

This thing you cannot name,
eats and gnaws at your hollow insides until you are raw.

Genre: Poetry (97 words)

Photo: Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy


These bugs took me to this place. Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading this group every week, and to Doug for the photo.

Please visit the Link Up for stories from the talented Fictioneers. All are welcome to participate. Visit Rochelle’s page for details.

56 thoughts on “Powerless – Friday Fictioneers

      1. The last few short stories I have written have been about the same … theme. Every new idea I have leads to the same theme. I don’t want to go into that theme anymore. It’s too related to my own situation in life. I want to write something completely unrelated. How do I find Friday Fictioneers?


  1. Dear Amy,

    Did you mean ‘cannot not name’ in the sentence towards the conclusion, or was it supposed to read ‘cannot name’?
    What with auto-correct and other tech goodies nowadays it is hard to tell. I loved the tone and timbre of this piece. It speaks on many levels. Well done.




    1. Dear Doug,
      Oh! It’s supposed to read “cannot name.” I tricked myself into writing cannot not name. Thanks, Doug, for asking. You get caught up sometimes and no longer see what you’ve written, and I have holidays on the brain! Thanks for the kind words.


  2. This relationship sounds positively suffocating. There’s a thread of horror running through this as it applies to human relationships. It’s also pretty graphic as it relates to what’s going in the picture either. Well done Amy.


    1. Such insightful comments, Sandra. Thank you. I was hoping what you described came across. I didn’t feel like I did enough for it, but I did what I could at the time. I appreciate your comments!


    1. Well, thank you for that, Michelle. I always try to be creative, but the thing I was thinking about was being powerless. Sure enough, if I see a bug, I usually scream! They seem to have that power over me. I’m hoping this relates to the greater sense of powerlessness.

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