Happy 2015!

We made it to another year! Congratulations everyone.

I have loads of goals this year. I know if I share them on my blog, you’ll hold me to them. I’ll just limit myself to ten.

Here there are:

  1. Write
  2. Get back into dance class. I miss it!
  3. Start my book…write write
  4. Play with my kids outside. No devices!!
  5. Write some more
  6. Think less, write more
  7. Go on a date with my husband…this will be the year
  8. Writing writing writing
  9. Spend more time with friends
  10. Finish my book!!

I really plan to get serious this year. I should post this on my wall.

Here’s a pic of my family….

…IN THE DARK!! Lame.

I dragged my husband and my two boys to this Global Wonderland for New Year’s Eve. This place was a lit up and really cool but they were unimpressed and miserable; they lasted less than an hour before they wanted to go home.


It was cold…even for California. We had to wear hats even and shoes. Actually, it was pretty cold.

But we saw Chinese Acrobats.

I’m not sure what the animal is for the Chinese New Year. But this is all I have. I think it’s a goat this year, but I don’t have a picture of that. So…his cousin.


And a big THANK YOU to all my friends here. Thanks for a great 2014! I love my community here, and I look forward to another superb year together.

HAPPY 2015!!

Did you make any resolutions for this year you’d like to share? Are you ready for another year or what?

64 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Happy 2015 Amy! Good luck with your goals! Regarding your number 4 about playing outside – my son (who just turned 13), like many of his generation, spends an awful lot of time on his XBox and other devices, and I was so pleased in the summer to hear him say that he still prefers to go up to the park to kick a ball around with his friends than to be on his XBox, and he LOVES his XBox! We’re lucky because we live in a small village and there’s a nice park just a few minutes walk away, and when the weather’s reasonable, the kids still knock for each other to go up to the park. I’m glad we still have that!


    1. I want to live where you live, Vanessa! In a little village with a park where kids play. That sounds nice. We don’t have that here. Everyone is in their own little box, and kids aren’t outside very much. It saddens me. I just need to recondition them. That’s all. The whole block needs to be reconditioned. I’ll need to add that to the list. Happy New Year, Vanessa! Any more classes? Are you done?!


      1. I guess everywhere has its pluses an minuses! When I lived in Vegas for a few years, I missed lots of things about England, but being back here I miss lots of things from there. Nowhere ticks all the boxes, it’s just about making the most of the boxes that are ticked where we live 🙂 (I’m getting a bit philosophical here aren’t I!)

        I finished up my course in September so no more classes, yay! I enjoyed the studying, but it’s also nice now to be able to do what I like a bit more without feeling guilty that I should be working on my essay or something!


      2. I don’t know. Your village sounds pretty nice to me! But maybe we (I) can make changes. Definitely, you make the best out of all your ticked boxes, no matter what.

        Good for you for finishing. That must be a really good feeling!


      3. It definitely is a good feeling, I’m not always very good at finishing things, I’m more of an ideas and starting up person, and then lose interest! That’s why I chose to do the Masters in one year rather than the usual three because I wasn’t sure I could sustain my interest for three!

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    1. Of course, I like you. I love you, Shalagh. May this be a productive year for both us, sprinkled with a little fun with our friends and husbands. I need to get out a little more. Good luck with your writing. Happy New Year, Shalagh.

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  2. You have a new blog look since I was here last, Amy, one that reflects your desire to write more. All the best with those resolutions and I’m sure you’ll accomplish at least the major part of them. Welcome to 2015 and may it be a great one for you.



    1. Hmm…no, it”s been this way for a year! I was just thinking I was tired of it and wanted to change it. That’s very funny. I need to be more disciplined, Janet. There’s a lot of noise around me, but I’ll just need to focus. Thanks so much. Happy New Year, Janet. Have a great year, too!


    1. I seem to be committed to writing, Frank. Now I just need to make it happen. Thank you. I can’t help but have resolutions. The new year brings promise of change and a fresh start. Lets hope I can make it happen. They’re fun, aren’t they? Thanks. Happy New Year, Frank!!!


    1. Happy New Year, Michelle. I would love to visit you and see the light show, hear the steel drum music, and freeze. Yes, even freeze, so long as I was with you. We can maybe wear one of the scarves you knitted! That will make everything perfect. Thanks for everything this past year, Michelle. You always make me feel special.

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  3. Something tells me you want to do a lot of writing this year. 😉 Me too, I’ve been in a writing slump for far too long. I’m hoping going almost completely cold turkey on writing for the last couple of months was enough and I can start cracking that door open now. Good luck with your resolutions. Get those kids outdoors!!


    1. Whatever gave you that idea? I need to put this list on my wall. I know most resolutions are broken by week 1, but I think these have staying power. Every day is a new day to write. I understand your slump. Just take it one day at a time, Mark! You can do it. Here’s to a fresh start and the outdoors. Cheers! Happy New Year!


    1. Good! Well, you can use my list if you like. 🙂 It’s the simple stuff I should be doing no matter what, like friends and a date with my husband. My kids outside would be a little miracle at the moment!

      Have a wonderful year, Samara. xoxo


  4. Look at you and your resolutions! Fearless, as always. Looking forward to reading that writing. And as for a date with your husband? You need date NIGHT. Weekly. You’ve earned it!
    Happy 2015!


    1. Aww, thanks Jen. I’m glad you say this about date night. We used to do this, and we know we need to. We’ve gotten pretty lazy about it. Yes, we really to start doing this again. I should edit that one on my list. 🙂 to Weekly Date Night. I’m sure it would do wonders for my sanity. Happy New Year, Jen!


  5. I don’t understand how your family can see displays that beautiful AND Chinese acrobats and be miserable. It’s a shame. It’s a lost opportunity. Back to the Xbox, I guess.

    Happy new year to you. I like your to-do list. I sense a theme.


    1. My family needs a good talking to. I don’t get it either, Mark. I’m the only one who wants to get out! Ever. It’s frustrating for me. I have to negotiate a lot, too. But I just keep trying and hoping.

      Thanks, Mark. Happy New Year to you. Do you think? I just a little reminder is all.


  6. I’ve given up on New Year’s resolutions, after failing last year’s list so ginormously! But, I am encouraging you to do yours! I’m rooting for you, and cheering for you, and will be sending you big blogger words of encouragement, whenever you need them. Go Amy, go! Happy New Year! xox

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    1. Thank you, Dawn. I can use all the encouragement I can get. So far, my resolutions have not been happening! Argh!! But the year is young yet. You had such a wonderful, you don’t need those stinking resolutions. 🙂 xoxo


      1. Well… technically, I started out 2014 with a collapsed lung, and was oxygen until Feb. In April I fell through a boat, on vacation, and broke 4 ribs and bruised my spleen, and a week later had a pot of boiling soup dumped on me– 2-3rd degree burns (that are still healing!). I tore my knee in September, and generally limped through much of the year. It all turned around grandly in November… for my blog, but I never published my book (my big resolution) and I’m still watching for open manholes! Just sayin’! 😉


      2. OMG, you’re right. I put all of that out of my mind, focusing on the yesr’s end which was so spectacular! Let’s hope this year is accident- and pain- free!!! This year will be the year for healing 🙂 and your book!

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