Goldilocks broke into my blog…

Guys, look what happened? Would you just look at what’s happened to my blog?!

I can only assume Goldilocks is behind this. Just last night, she was over for a bowl of soup and she fell asleep in my bed. AGAIN! But, I fell asleep, too, and I think she must have slipped something in my drink, because the next thing I knew, it was morning and she was gone. I logged into my blog and this is what I found. Goldilocks is a HACKER!

Am I in a time warp or something? The Bumble Files? Didn’t I change the name of my blog once or did that even happen? Now, I don’t even know. I lose track of time when I hang around Goldilocks. She has that effect on my me. What year is it again? 2013? Did I miss a year?

Who does she think she is changing my blog without consulting me first? First let me catch my breath, as I’m just seeing all of this for the first time.

Let’s take a look around.

What in the world is this header? A pink snake? Interesting…

Hmm…I see a new picture on the sidebar there. I’m a Work In Progress, huh? That’s all she can come up with? After everything I’ve done for her?…The late nights, the soup, ALL THE SOUP. You’ve heard she’s a picky eater, right? All true. And letting her sit anywhere she wants, usually in my favorite chair, which you know, you do so at your own risk. I mean, look at her latest disaster. LOOK at this! I know she sat in this chair. I just know it.

Goldilocks is an expert at breaking things. This is how she left it.
Goldilocks is an expert at breaking things. This is how she left it.

She’s whacked! Here’s evidence. She’s a breaker…she’s a hacker. Out of control. Only she leaves things shattered in bits and pieces.

But I daresay, this blog is kind of growing on me. It’s colorful and bright. It looks like the address will work fine if you search or type in either amyreesewrites or bumble files. Secretly, underneath AmyReeseWrites, I am still The Bumble Files; I’m just multi-layered now is all. The domain name can stay. Why hassle that?

Goldi has redone my “About” page for the Bumble Files. She’s put in Categories. I’ve never had those. I was nearly approaching the 100 mark in number of categories. She’s been busy! I must give her some credit. I think she just wants me to have a little fun is all. She means no harm…I think I’m just going to keep it!

So, there you have it. I am now THE BUMBLE FILES! Peace.

Oh, and there she is now. I must catch her! Tootles for now.

With love,


63 thoughts on “Goldilocks broke into my blog…

  1. Hi Amy, welcome back to 2013. I think you’re going to become an awesome blogger long before 2015. You might meet some cool friends along the way too 🙂 I like the new layout, I also like The Bumble Files, it always makes me hum the music to the Rockford Files, in a bumbling sort of way 🙂


    1. Why, thank you, Stephen. I feel a bit younger today for some reason. Who knew Goldilocks would pull a fast on me like this? That’s funny about the Rockford Files. I’m afraid I don’t know the tune. I will have to look it up! 🙂

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  2. I always liked The Bumble Files! Do you remember I told you that for ages I had misread and thought it was The Bumble FLIES , and even though I have known for a long time now that it isn’t, I still always get the image of a bumble bee in my mind when I see the name!


    1. Ah, thanks Vanessa! Yes, I do remember when you told me that about the BUMBLE FLIES! That made me laugh and still does. I certainly don’t mind the bumble bee image. I’d like to think of myself as a busy bee. 🙂


  3. Well, aren’t you all bright and shiny new this morning? Not completely new…shiny old doesn’t sound right. Bumble Files works for me and like a rose, Amy Reese by any other name will still be will till be awesome.


      1. I’m really excited that Goldilocks did this now and that she wanted to do all this cleaning for me. She must really care about me. 🙂 It feels good, Trent. I recall your wife helped you last time and that she did a spot-on job!

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  4. Leave it to Goldi to mess with your head. But I’d say she did a pretty good job. Love the new look! Also love that you admit to being a work-in-progress. Aren’t we all? 🙂


    1. Goldi is a piece of work, but I still love her and appreciate her blogging sense. Thank you! I think Goldi might have her own blog, but she won’t tell me. I hope that I’m always a work-in-progress. I wouldn’t want to ever be done. 🙂

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  5. Welcome back to a new start, Amy! I’m always changing and changing back and changing again. Well, I think it’s me doing it. Unless Goldilocks calls by here as well. I am constantly in a timewarp, you know…


    1. Hmm…perhaps Goldilocks has you under her spell, especially if you’re in some kind of timewarp mode. Goldi could be present, sneaking around. She’s like that. Have you noticed anything broken?


  6. Goldi took care of business. And I gotta say she did an EXCELLENT job!! Your new place, because I think of blogs as a cyber home, is super cozy and crisp. Welcome back Bumble Files. We missed you!!

    P.S. The Bumble Files has always held a special place in my heart. I first ‘met’ you on the BF About page!!

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    1. Awww thank you, Anka! That so extra sweet of you to say. That was honey sweetness! I guess Goldi has her own blog or something. She seemed to know things. Thanks for the warm welcome back. It feels like home again.

      P.S. With the sunglasses pic! Thanks for that Anka. I feel special now. ❤

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      1. You rock those glasses, Amy!! A little bit of mystery, and lots of edge. Hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve been fiddling around with my blog too much.

        Guess with the New Year, comes a new space. My eyes are burning from editing all those gosh darn WP widgets!!

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      2. Oooh, yes, lots of edge. I like that. Just keep talking to me. I know who to come to when Goldi gets me down. Although, I can hardly be mad at her for anything!

        Interesting how the New Year does that to people. I thought about changing and then it happened suddenly, you know with Goldi going behind my back like she did. Goldi confessed today that those widgets kept her up all night. Nothing is ever quick, is it?


    1. Ha ha! That’s hilarious. I never would have thought anyone would those last posts you read back-to-back! I’d be confused, too. Oh wait, I am confused! You’re in the right place see. Thanks so much. 🙂

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  7. Goldilocks did a good job! I noticed the work in progress part right away and can relate. Missing a year isn’t so bad – I think I’m missing a decade in there somewhere. Make sure to keep Goldilocks away from those chairs though!


    1. Thank you, Sheila! I suppose I will add to that bit about the WIP. Goldilocks gave it her best shot. 🙂 Seriously, in a nutshell, this describes me best. Time seems to go missing all the time. Oh, where does it go? Yes, Goldilocks must now sit on the floor when she comes over. 🙂


  8. I must admit, Amy, I had a bit of a flashback moment when I saw the Bumble Files, wondering if I was going crazy or you’d be running two blogs all alone. 🙂 Dang that Goldilocks, always breaking things. Good luck, Bumble-in-charge!


      1. It does seem like a full-time job sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s funny, the same day I read this, I also saw a post from Chris and Miss Four Eyes, two people I hadn’t seen around in a while. It was like 2012 all over again. 🙂


      2. Ha! That is funny. I saw that Miss Four Eyes had come back, too! Sometimes, I think I should divide my blog, but somehow I don’t think it would work. We’ll see. 🙂 Sometimes, I just have to mix it up for myself, to feel like something is fresh and new.


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