Juxtapose Your Day

This post makes me want to see art! Should I then be so lucky to go for a walk in snowy Central Park. Go read this and then FOLLOW him. Mark’s posts are always a treat – authentic and insightful!

Exile on Pain Street

Juxtaposition is when two contrasting items are placed in close proximity to one another for heightened effect. In concert, a band will play a raucous song followed by a quiet one. Springsteen does it a lot. It’s Beethoven’s favorite device. His music is ether bombastic or delicate. Movies, literature, art—it’s everywhere. Juxtaposition is used to tweak your perceptions.

After the humiliation of watching a derelict violently berate two young girls and not lifting a finger to help them, the rest of my day unfolded in a narcotic euphoria. It was like watching a sped-up film of a flower opening.

I unpacked the guilt I was carrying for calling in sick (when I wasn’t), and the guilt for not helping those girls and left it on the marble staircase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Forgiveness is a snap under the right conditions. I came out of the subway at 86th Street and…

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6 thoughts on “Juxtapose Your Day

  1. Seriously Amy, you do take the kind and generous blog prize home every year. Thank you too. And his stuff is always amazing. We are both of the “slow blogging let the followers follow as they may, we’ll still be writing our stories one blog at a time” camp. And btw, Goldi .didn’t mess with your site too much. I like the pink snake.


    1. Do I? I’m just trying to spread love and cheer. That’s what it is all about to me, otherwise I would write alone. Oh, I’m glad you follow him. I always enjoy his posts. And, numbers mean less and less the longer I do this! You know what I mean? Thank you. I’m glad you approve of the snake. It’s grown on me!

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