Let’s Talk Twitteresque

There, I made up a new phrase. Twitteresque. I have no idea what it means. I just like the way it sounds, and if I like it, you might like it too. I’m adopting the “Effortless” approach. You may recall I used the Social Effort Scale last week, which determined that I “try too hard” on Twitter…even though most of my activity was said to be in the “Effortless” category.

According to the feedback on individual tweets, replying with a simple, “Thanks, that’s cool!” gets a “Not Trying Hard Enough” score. However, if you add a hashtag, you may find yourself in the “Effortless” category after all. Fair enough, but doesn’t that require more effort? Just an observation.

But I got to thinking about what “Effortless” look like on Twitter, and by that I mean what does it look like on the screen? I’ve come to this conclusion. Those who do effortless best look like they don’t give a shit. The guy that rolls out of bed, half-dressed, half-asleep and says something clever like, “I don’t want to get up today….” That gets retweeted 1,027 times. I think you know what I mean.

Of course, nobody does “Effortless” better than celebrities. They probably don’t want to be on Twitter in the first place. Let’s take a look see.

Here are a few famous writers. Now, I know Stephen King finally resigned and opened a Twitter account, but I think he’s enjoying himself.


No big introductions here. Just Stephen King in a cool skeleton-with-a-guitar shirt. It’s all you need. Maybe the comfortable, scary approach would work for me. This is rock star cool.

And Neil Gaiman:


More deep cool, and cool enough to drink milk. My husband had a glass of red wine with him once. True story. Where was I? How come I didn’t get to have a glass of wine with him. Now I’m getting upset.

Speaking of wine, here’s Leo enjoying a glass:


Check out those stats. My husband says Leo follows him and even retweeted him once. Oh, sure. I’m a bit skeptical now that I see the smallish number of people that he follows, also typical of celebrities. Grumpy Cat, or some version of him, followed me. I do have that! Anyway, cheers to Leo’s 11.8M followers.

Perhaps, I should be drinking something in my profile picture. Just a thought.

And here’s someone who needs no introduction at all and only one name.


Just the one name identifier and the dogs. Lots of fluffy dogs.

Here’s her friend Ellen with a catchy intro:


Her tweets…she’s referring to the episode in Seinfeld, of course, when Elaine is in the spa, telling a woman that her boobs are real and that “…they’re spectacular.” Boobs, there. I got that in. Boobs! WordPress suggested I should write more about boobs this year in my posts. That worked out well for

me, and…that was effortless. Look at that.

So, Ellen got the flu from her friend Oprah. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now. It was big news on Twitter and Ellen was proud to get the flu from her. Favorited more than two thousand times. Let’s celebrate the flu, and why shouldn’t we?

Here’s another one of Oprah’s friend. Mr. Neil Patrick Harris. Incredible in Gone Girl. Did you see him? I thought he was excellent. He deserves some kind of prize.


Act some…you mean since you were four or something? Variety acts…you mean like the Academy Awards? See, effortless. And I will add, humble. And Oprah is here, and not even listed in the “Followed by” list. She’s just hanging out there. It just struck me as funny is all. Not funny?

This has been an edition of “Let’s Talk Twitteresque.” Your takeaway is simply this: If you want to appear effortless on Twitter, just be famous. Got it?

What about you? Ever had a glass of wine with a celebrity? Are you drinking a beverage in your profile pic? Have you ever had any interaction with a celebrity on Twitter? Please share.

53 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Twitteresque

    1. Oh yes, just to be in the vicinity of your hero must have been a rush! I had to look up Austin Carr. Basketball star, right? Very good! My childhood hero was Nadia Comaneci. I wanted to be her.


      1. Oh, thanks! 🙂 I switch it up every year it seems, although this year, Goldilocks did it! Did you know she broke into my blog?! Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.


    1. I know, tell me about it, Darla. Life isn’t fair. But you rock that coffee cup! I’m sorry you have the flu. That’s been going around. I wonder what it takes to get a follow from Oprah. I mean, c’mon!


  1. What a hubristic rush these celebrities must get from having all those followers. I’d think it could mess with one’s head a bit. And yes, I saw Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl. He was nice and creepy in it. 🙂


    1. Right? Can you imagine having millions of followers. Just wow. I think many of them are very humble though, because not only are they talented, but they have worked really hard. I thought NPH was great, one of the highlights!

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  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever do much with Twitter. Signed up a couple of years ago. 99% of what I tweet are just the links to my blog posts. And I only follow a couple dozen people. I’m so not into following celebrities or companies or brands or anything like that.


    1. I was a bit reluctant with social media to start. I totally recommend Twitter, because there are many opportunities and connections out there for writers. You should try it again!


  3. It depends on your definition of celebrity. I don’t drink wine but I have certainly had coffee with a few Canadian celebrities. If I’m honest I have also shared a couple of Scotches with a few. I think my celebrity days are behind me now, though. I follow a couple but just because I think they are decent human beings and use their celebrity for good.


    1. Scotches count! My, you don’t mess around. If they’re a celebrity to you, that’s all that matters. I follow a few celebrities, but not very closely. Celebrities can make a huge difference, speaking about things that matter. Any celebrity you follow is lucky to have you.

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  4. Love this – new to Twitter and haven’t put any effort into it at all yet. I’ll follow Grumpy Cat now, since you mentioned him, though. That’s what we need – more animals on Twitter! Guess we make a good pair if you are posting about boobs and I am posting about what was in my latest…! What’s up with that???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ll let you know which Grumpy Cat…there are many. He’s pretty funny, if not a bit put out by it all. Are you on Twitter? I will follow you. What is up with that? Something in the air….Ha ha. I hadn’t intended to put in boobs, just really happened, and I guess meant to be. 🙂 I’m not going to fight it, but I do plan to start stretching my limbs more. Thanks for your reminder.

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  5. I feel bad that I don’t have more time to put into Twitter but I barely have enough for WordPress. I’ve never met a celebrity really. The closest was meeting a traditional drummer who is semi-famous in Korea and not at all outside of it. 🙂 And I did watch a football game seated next to the president (of our university).


    1. I actually don’t spend that much time on Twitter. I just flutter around. It’s not like blogging. You know, everything is extremely short! I actually think it’s fun, but I don’t get too carried away with it. Hey, that sounds cool to meet the drummer. I bet they are held in high regard in Korea. And the President? Well, I’m going to start spreading that rumor. You sat next to the President?! Wow!!! Check you out.

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    1. You and me both, Frank! Well, my life isn’t over. Until that time, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy a glass all by myself and Grumpy Cat. Maybe he’ll join me. I’ll see if I can squeeze in the topic elsewhere, or see it happens naturally. 🙂 WordPress. What do they know?


  6. Okay. I don’t Tweet. I don’t Twit. Or even Twerk. But I know I probably should (Tweet, that is. I’m a Mom of four. Twerking is out, I think.) And I do have to say, your silly, savvy, saucy take on it (Twitteresque, that is) tempts me even more.


  7. My twitter pic is the same avatar ( I say that as if I was in the movie, so effortlessly,) because I take a shocking photo. I swear I look nothing like my photos. It’s not even the same woman. Some random mad woman with a scary grin jumps in front of the camera every time. Maybe I should try drinking wine.


    1. Ha ha! I feel the same way when I take a photo. Who is that? That can’t possibly be me?! I thought about wine, too, because everything is better with a fine wine. You can’t go wrong. Thanks for your comments, Sarah.


  8. I’ve shared the room with a few celebrities and I’ve kissed Julia Roberts.
    I was following Oprah and The Pope on twitter, I messaged me millions times, they never got back at me. They are full of themselves.


    1. I thought you might share the space with the famous. Ooh, you kissed Julia Roberts. Wow! Was is a wet kiss? Kidding. I wonder what the Pope’s and Oprah’s notifications must look like. I can’t imagine. I forgot that the Pope was on Twitter. It’s probably their policy to response to no one! To keep it fair.


  9. Last night, Milton and I were at a show starring a hilarious gender bending performance artist Taylor Mac. Mac eyed James Franco who was sitting just a few rows ahead of us. There is a lot of audience interaction in this show and Mac (a biological male who is more like a third gender, the gender of Taylor Mac) made sure to make Franco participate. Milton and I could have easily snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter, but we didn’t. Maybe we would have heard from Franco when Mac got him in a kinda/sorta compromised position almost right in front of us. But, maybe not. Mac warned us (i.e., the audience, he did not single out Milton and me) that Tweeting about the encounter would be tacky. When I checked Mac’s Twitter page, he tweeted about it — and said it was tacky.

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    1. Ah, love that. And I bet a bunch of people tweeted it out, too. Words are slippery these days and they don’t mean what they sound, V. It’s anyone’s guess what someone will do these words. Most likely, tweet them out! I bet you’ve seen countless celebrities. Ho hum. Yawn. It must be so the run of the mill for you! Funny story. Thanks for sharing. We do have people who come to our little to town to perform. Maybe I should go to a show. That would be my best chance to see someone. I did serve Kenny Loggins a salad once just out of college. 🙂


  10. I am not a Twit ! Am I weird ?

    I’ve never met a celebrity. The nearest thing to a celebrity must be you Amy, Ms Bumblealong (your ⭐ name to me 😉 ) xox ❤


    1. Wow! Well, that’s big. And you even played guitar with him. That’s much bigger than a glass of wine. Have you read a lot of him? I’m unfamiliar with him, but he looks like someone I’d like to read. Can you recommend one of his titles? He has so many!

      I could see Sonny Bono at an Arby’s. I picture NYC as a place where actors are walking around all over the place. I once made a salad for Kenny Loggins. I’m sure I put way too much feta in it.


      1. Start with Dreams Underfoot. it’s a collection of short stories, most set in a specific town.
        These are the stories where he introduces the town and characters that he revisits again and again.

        I bet Kenny LOVES the feta.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I am NOT! I am seriously lame. Very lame. I tweet my posts, and occasionally– very occasionally, I tweet something worth reading, when I’m out having fun, or watching something like the Oscars. That’s about it. I imagine that most of my followers are very bored. :-p


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