The Battle of the Button Hats – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

Genre: Fantasy/Humor (100 words)

The Battle of the Button Hats

Around the bend, the boy spied them, curled up under a sweeping foliage of dank earth, their button hats perched loosely upon elephant trunks as tall as trees.

What’s this? Clumps of logs amassed in heaps, proportionate in numbers and in size, clustered beneath the button hats, emitting an odor so rank, their dewiness has been compromised. The smell infiltrated his nostrils, a stench he had not endured since his voyage to the Mermian Sea.

They must be destroyed.

“Honey, it’s poop,” the mother held back the boy, fanning the air. “Take your shoes off at the door. It’s everywhere. ”


Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the Fictioneers. I appreciate her dedication each and every week. Thanks to Erin Leary for this week’s photo.

All are welcome to participate in this challenge to write a 100-word story based on the photo prompt. Please visit Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple blog for instructions.

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62 thoughts on “The Battle of the Button Hats – Friday Fictioneers

      1. It’s all in what you see, too! That is what is important. I had to look at this a few times before I figured out what it is I think I see. 🙂


  1. Very cute. Tricky with the clumps of logs reference – funny how much I love mushrooms when they really are a gross fungus that grows on decaying things or elsewhere as you’ve pointed out…!


    1. Isn’t it? “They must be destroyed” says it all. It’s the catch all. Everything must be destroyed, and only then are you done. When you’re a mom it’s not such a big deal. But yeah, ugh!


    1. Me too, Plaridel. Imagination is not just be reserved for childhoods, right? It was fun to imagine this. Glad you came along for the ride. Thanks so much.


  2. Dear Amy,

    Shitty story. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Someone had to say it, right? Love the imagination of a child and it sounds a lot like my youngest son. What that boy didn’t think of? Truly a good story. 😉




    1. Dear Rochelle,
      That’s a fine compliment for this story! I didn’t see the poo right away, otherwise I might not have gone here at all. 🙂 Oh, the beauty of the photo prompt. I hope you didn’t have to clean up too many messes like this one. Thanks so much.


    1. Dear Doug,
      Oh, your comments made me laugh. What is it about cow manure that is so irresistible? And, all things dirty? Thanks so much for your lovely comments.


    1. I take as a compliment to be on the same wavelength as you, Russell! Let me break it to you gently, I’m definitely not sane. Where’s the fun in that?! Thanks so much.


  3. So glad you mentioned Calvin. We lived in the States for a while and then shared our Calvin books with our own kids years later. He jumped right back into my head as I realised where this piece was going – like meeting an old friend in a different format. Worked well.
    Lovely piece!


    1. Oh, that’s so great to hear that Calvin jumped into your head. Yay! It didn’t really occur to me until after I wrote it…and then I thought, this is Calvin’s cousin. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.


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