Have you ever felt that you needed a life coach? Not someone to help with the fancy decisions in life, but the day-to-day tasks such as eating, getting dressed, organizing your to-do list. Your life coach would sit by you, patient, forgiving, non-judging. S/he/it would watch you closely, let you make choices first. As it watched, it might say, “Uh huh,” or “No, no.” In counseling you to make a better choice, it would then usher you to a nice, comfortable chair and tell you, “I recommend you revise your decision.”

I guess my life coach has turned into an “it.” Actually, I think a robot would be a fair choice. No emotional baggage, it would deliver just the facts. The voice would be soothing though and feel soft enough that you might give it a hug, physically soft like a pet. Well, that could be an option. It would mostly be helpful, and if you didn’t like what it had to say, you could just turn it off. In appearance, it would be pleasant like its voice, but you could throw it away or stuff it in the closet if you got tired of it.

If you were whiling away the day, procrastinating, wasting time, making poor choices, it could buzz you, like your phone, but more present, and give your gentle reminders like:

You should be writing now.

Don’t forget to call your mother.

Why don’t you read a book instead of binge watching House of Cards?

They would understand you, but still offer the best advice. It would be a conscience that you can see and touch, and unlike your conscience, you could put it away.

You might say, don’t we already have this? We have a conscience we wrestle with all the time, anytime, day or night. Sure, but sometimes your conscience is not enough; it doesn’t have good sense and is easily distracted. This is flip-the-on-switch answers and the right answers. Well, only if you want them.

You could get this from humans, but let’s face it, can they really give you their undivided attention? And let’s be honest. Isn’t their advice usually predicated on their experience or by what their conscience tells them? Is this really what you want to hear? Your conscience is not same as theirs.

You could assign your Life Coach Robot moods: small talk, philosophical, flirty, friend, motherly/fatherly, straight talk, tough talk.

Traveling, on-the-go, or maybe you’re just stepping out for a bit, you can download your Life Coach Robot. There’s an App for that.

So, do you want one? Let’s assume it works like a charm, no complications and you can afford it. It would never take over your real identity or stand in for you. There would be a switch for that, a kind of temperature gauge. You’d have complete control.

It’s your Life Coach at your fingertips. Should I sign you up? Are you creeped out? I want a decision either way. Please let me know in the comments, and if you would so be kind, an explanation. I’ll be working in my garage all day, so let me you know if you want one.

photo credit: IMGP5485 via photopin (license)


Life Coach, Anyone?

40 thoughts on “Life Coach, Anyone?

  1. I’m thinking this could be a good thing. There are so many things I should be doing right now…the first of which was just get the hell out of my pyjamas…it’s 3pm for crying out loud! Yeah, that may have happened sooner if I had one of these “life coaches” to give my a nudge.


  2. I don’t know so much that I’d like a life coach, but a life assistant would sure come in handy. Someone who could help cook meals, run errands, etc. And if the assistant is wise and can help with life decisions like a coach might–well, then, all the better. 🙂


    1. I understand, Carrie. I would love it if someone could cook my meals. I’m burning one right now. Perhaps I could work on a sub model – Life Assistant. It has a nice ring to it! I will sign you up.

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  3. This post has got me thinking Amy. I don’t think a robot conscience is a good idea. For instance:

    SAT NAV: “Take the next left in one hundred yards. Turn left now. I told you to turn left and you went straight on ! Exterminate !”

    A Life Assistant is a great idea. I think it’s called a Carer/Care Giver 😀 ❤


    1. Ralph, then you would just turn it off. Hopefully, you wouldn’t exterminate the poor thing. It was only trying to help. I’m not sure the robot is for you! 🙂 That’s true. I’ve heard of those. Let me know if you change your mind.

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  4. I’m hoping there’s a sense of humor to this, because it’s not the job of a life coach to act as a mind or conscience, or sit around with you. (For extended periods of time anyway. Might as well be sitting by with the client, geting ston—uhm…)
    Motivation, yes, but long-term goals, mostly.

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    1. I hope you find humorous, unless you really think I’m in garage building robots. I have news for you…I wouldn’t know where to begin. Just getting some specs together here. 🙂 It seems as though the consensus is most want assistance, but not a life coach! But we can all use help motivation, even on a daily basis. Am I right?


  5. Well, I usually know what I should be doing but sometimes I don’t do it because I’m tired or just don’t feel like it. I guess a life coach would only be effective then if I couldn’t overrule him, although that might be a bit oppressive. 🙂


    1. That could be serious. It sounds like a potential conflict for you, David. Although maybe I could set yours up with a special program so that it will ignore you if it feels threaten. I’ll work on that and get back to you. 🙂

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      1. Sounds good. I wouldn’t mind a robot that encourages me to do what I know I need to do though. Preferably one without a snooze button that could get me up at the right time too. 🙂


  6. My conscience would resent the robot, and not only I but probably the robot too would be troubled by feelings of guilt. It wouldn’t be fair to the robot. However, someone to do the dishes, clean the garage etc. would be perfect. Say, do you know anyone who has experience cleaning garages?

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    1. Oh, we are developing feelings for the robot already…and you’ve never even met. *joting notes* Stephen, you are not alone in wanting a life assistant for say doing the dishes, cleaning the garage, etc. And no, come to think of it, I know no one who has experience cleaning garages. Not a soul. 🙂


  7. Fun post Amy! Like a few of the others, I would rather a life assistant rather than a life coach – I think we should take full responsibility for our own conscience and choices, I don’t mind not taking responsibility for all my chores though 🙂


    1. I’ll have to work on new model – Life Assistant! I appears to be quite popular here. Imagine…no more chores, no more dishes or cleaning out the refrigerator. Sounds positively fetching! Thanks, Vanessa. I’m on it!


    1. My prototype isn’t working out anyway. 🙂 You say this, but I’m sure they’ll come up with a Life Coach Robot, but maybe not in our lifetime. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I guess it’s about as ridiculous as a human life coach.


  8. Hi Amy! Such an interesting subject you brought up! Yes – sign me up! I would love help like that especially if there weren’t any bugs to deal with. Robotic helpers for household chores are coming in a few years from Tokyo, I’ve heard. So the states are probably racing to get some out as well. Can’t imagine the cost for one, though. But someday we will all probably think nothing of it and our robots will just be part of our families 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kelly. I will sign you up for one! Got you down. I can see robots being ho hum one day. We’ll say, Oh look how quick it does those dishes! I can’t imagine that will happen really soon, but you never know. Things are happening faster all the time. What would be so strange is when they start looking like us. Yikes!

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      1. I agree! It’s sort of scary to think about! But it really is coming and it will be in our lifetime. Then there’s the whole artificial intelligence thing – I read recently that Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking think it could be the demise of the human race… It’s like a real science fiction movie coming true!

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  9. Oh my gosh! I totally need one. Will it remedy my bad decisions too? Like how I’ve ignored the low tire pressure light for weeks and can’t for the life of me stop to put air in?


    1. Oh dear, Melanie. I think a robot could get on that for you and put you some kind of schedule! No problem. I always neglect my tires, too, so I need help with this one. I’ll make sure I include an option for car care. 🙂

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  10. I think it would take me more than a robot to get my life organized. I think I need Superman to reverse the turn of the earth and the Penguin to put everyone else to sleep. Then just give me three or four days. Or weeks. Whatever. I’d clean out my closets and drawers and basement, plus I’d write a book.
    (Who am I kidding? I’d finish Sons of Anarchy…)

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    1. You’re funny. I’ve never watched Sons of Anarchy. Am I missing out? Is it on Netflix? Having down time is important as anything so we can take charge of our Universe. The robot could clean your closets, drawers and basement. I’ll make a note of that! A side note: I saw Ex Machina last night. OMG, we’re in trouble.


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