Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Half and Half

I thought this photo met the challenge. Here’s my cat, may he rest in peace, half in, half out. The fact that he was black and white, clinched the deal to use this photo. Also, I see there are  living leaves and dead leaves.

My cat was so large, what you really see here is probably three-quarters in, a quarter out. Ah, but those are just technicalities. Oh, how I loved this cat! I’ll go drown my sorrows in some photos. I’m sure there will be some diverse offerings this week.

To see other ‘half and half’ photos visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. Aw. Lovely picture. Sorry for your loss. But as we all know, everything happens for a reason. Have a wonderful day :’D


  2. This photo is so amazing. It tells a story of an adventurous and curious cat, going off on explorations of its own. And it fits the half and half challenge well. I also like the composition and the fresh vs dried leaves, like you said. Sorry that your cat isn’t here anymore


    1. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I didn’t even notice the half leaves, half wood which actually divides the photo pretty well. How about that?! Of course, I took this a long time ago when my sweet kitty was alive. You know, he just walked off and that’s the way he went, but I know he lived a long, happy life!! I now have three cats who get lots of photos as well. 🙂 Thanks so much for your visit.

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  3. What a great capture. Or would that be CATture? Sorry to hear about your kitty. Why do pets make us love them so much?!


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