Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

I happen to have a lot of creepy photos, my lovelies. I’m not going to analyze why that is at this moment, but I would say my best creepy photos are from a tour of the Preston School of Industry, also known as the Preston Castle, in Ione, California. Here’s a post I did about it a while back. A few commenters had suggested that my post was not completely accurate. For the record, that post was based on information learned from my tour guide. It’s quite positive she glossed over some things.

When pressed, our docent admitted that were many unexplained deaths that happened on the premises. The former reform school for boys is thought to be haunted and, whether it was the power of suggestion or not, I felt a presence. It so happens this castle, once a school for wards of the state, may be transformed into a college for extension classes and a culinary school. If I were to ever take classes there, it would not be after dark.

These pictures were taken in 2013 when it was owned by the state of California. It currently is under the ownership of the Preston Castle Foundation, so I have no idea what the place looks like now. When I took the tour, it was in need of serious repair.

I chose what I thought were my most creepy and played with a few filters for a spooky effect. How did I do?

Creepy_PrestonCastle1Yes, you do see a hanging man on the right side of the photo. Don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s for a special Halloween sleepover. For a fee, you can spend the night!

Creepy_PrestonCastle5Would you like to spend the night here?

Creepy_PrestonCastle6The ghost was upstairs. True or not, the docent said that door opened and closed on its own.

Creepy_PrestonCastle2This is the infirmary, the only area of the castle that was intact. We were told that patients were given care here on the floor with no anesthesia. This room felt spooky and strange.

Creepy_PrestonCastle4This is the basement.

Creepy_PrestonCastle3Here’s the back of the castle.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

For more creepiness, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

67 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

  1. Definitely some creepy shots. Which of course makes them awesome! It would be pretty interesting to spend the night there. But I’m such a cynic, a ghost could come up and kiss me on the cheek, and I’d still find a way to explain it away. 🙂


      1. One of my half-completed novels takes significant part in Ione, where this haunted manse is located. But none of my story occurs there. I think I need to change that. Although a ghost wouldn’t really fit the story line. Hmmm


      2. Ooh, I’m not sure about that! That’s when the ghosts come out you know. I’ve always believed. I bet this place would make a believer out of you, Mark.


  2. I believe, Amy. I went to a ghost tour at our old restore theater, and I saw lights on mirrors in photos that were not there in real life, and things banged and clanged at us in basement rooms, and a voice called out my name through a random scanner as we all huddled around it. No kidding!

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    1. Wow, Mark. I didn’t have anything like that happen here. That’s crazy. Things happen in the basement. I had another creepy basement shot, but it was a little blurry. Lights on mirrors that weren’t there. That’s pretty spooky. Old theaters can that spooky feel already in a cool way. That place must have left quite an impression on you.


      1. It did, indeed. It’s famous for housing a ghost by the name of Clarissa. I think it’s got more spirits than that hanging around, Amy. The Ghost Hunter Stacy Jones brought them out, and a couple hundred people were witnesses that night. Spooky, indeed.

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    1. Trent, after I saw this place, I really wanted to write something. There must be a ton of stories here and I don’t think they’re happy ones from the feel of the place. They did some medieval things, like the boys were sprayed with chemicals when they arrived in this room with a huge pool of water. Weird stuff. I wondered if I could make it historical fiction, but I’d be worried I’d get it wrong unless I could meet an expert. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about it.
      There’s a face in the basement? Really?!!! You must have the sight. 🙂


      1. Okay the chemical thing is just weird… why would they do that???

        You know, historical fiction is still fiction. You have all the poetic license you need to tell the story you want.


  3. Creepiest picture is the second one. The hallway. I think it’s because it seems slightly askew. But there aint no ghosts there!!!!

    I’d love to have a sleepover there. All the creaks and groans of the old building would drive people crazy!


    1. Well, I watched the Ghost Hunters special and, indeed, the ghost walked down that very hallway. I’m not kidding! The creeks and groans yeah, I’m not sure I could do it, but I probably would anyway. From the looks of their website, I think you can still sleepover. You should do it!


  4. Very creepy, and I like what you did with the photos! I agree with Trent – you should write a story about this, or someone who suffered there, or the horrors it once held. The possibilities are endless! It also looks like a great assignment for those Ghost Hunter guys on TV! I’m sure their gadgets would pick up paranormal activity in many places! Great post! xo

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    1. Thanks, Kelly! The possibilities are endless. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind. From what I did learn about the place, I can tell you that people were not happy there, Kelly. Oh, this has been on Ghost Hunters. I watched it! Yeah, you should check it out. They do pick up on the ghost(s) there and Zach (is that his name?) has a strange experience that shakes him up. Glad you like it. xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So the ghosts have been confirmed! I will look it up online. That stuff really does kind of creep me out though – always thought it best to stay away from it, like ouija boards. I’ve heard that’s how you invite that stuff into your life! Yikes!


    1. Oh, you so sweet to say that. I’m just a hobbyist. I take lots of pictures with my iPhone. These weren’t even taken with the latest iPhone which has a much better camera on it, I’m told. I take lot of photos. So far, I’ve always had something for these challenges! Thanks, Samara. xox

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      1. Well, I guess we should get something out of the hefty sum for the phone. I’m not on Instagram! Haven’t made it there yet. Maybe I’ll sign myself up. Good idea. Are you on there?

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      2. Yes, I opened an account the day before I left for BlogHer. I was told its a great way to connect with everyone there, but I ended up texting people or tweeting.

        You would love it. People will adore the beauty of your photos. You would probably put up a lot of pictures for the aesthetics. I just post stuff that reflects my personality.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll open an account and find you out there! I bet yours is really fun. I can see it being a useful creative outlet. I thought about it before but just haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the suggestion. Btw, I use filters for my photos sometimes. In these, I did. 🙂

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      4. Are there filters on the IPhone 6? I have one, and have no clue.

        On instagram, I tend to post myself in rock tee shirts, several times a week. That’s kind of my “thing.”

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      5. There are a few filters on the iPhone6. Just go to Edit on a photo and they should come up.
        Love it! That’s a cool “thing” to do. I look forward to it, Samara.


  5. That basement! No, no, no, no, and…no. That looks like the kind of place I would love to photograph. But I’d probably do it all over my shoulder as I ran the other direction!

    I remember your original post about this place. It was creepy then. I love what you did with the pictures for this.

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