Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

This week’s photo challenge is “Happy Place.” Just where do you go to get your groove back or to recharge?

For me, it’s the ocean, and a sunset on the ocean is a bonus. This is Stinson Beach near San Francisco. It’s a reminder for me to feel the stillness around me and to be in the moment. The sunset doesn’t last for long.


For more photos of Happy Places, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

  1. Oh, come on, admit it … your happy place is really Vegas!!!!

    No, no, no. It’s the ocean. Beautiful picture. I’ll be headed to Fort Bragg in a few weeks. Can’t wait to cleanse myself of my trip to Vegas.


    1. Oh, I love Fort Bragg. That’s a beautiful area. Oh, I’m so jealous. Send me a post card…or post some pretty photos. 🙂 Hope you feel all super cleansed by it.


    1. Thanks! I used to live really close to the ocean for many years, Carrie, and haven’t now for well over a decade. I miss it! But, at least I’m not too far from it. Yes, definitely make the trip if you can.

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  2. Just did a play date walk to the ocean at sunset with six wild children in order to seek out our happy place. Totally worth it! (Even though I needed to outdoor shower my four and dig three boots out of hip-deep mud…) PIcture orange marsh grasses framing brilliant blue skies reflected in black-brown water. Almost rivals your lovely sunset.
    Cheers to the same sun on different coasts!

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Amy. I’m stuck in a freezing office with cinderblocks instead of windows, and yet I can look at this and almost feel the sun on my face.


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