Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra(ordinary)

This week’s photo challenge is Extra(ordinary):

Mundane and meaningful objects. Beautiful everyday things. This week, surprise us with something or someone (extra)ordinary.

I stumbled across this scene and had to snap a photo. This tub is extra(ordinary)…
for it’s filled with leaves. I found it kind of enchanting.EnchantedTub2
This is no ordinary cup of coffee. It’s a freshly ground, organic tasse de café accompanied with an adorable, chocolate Biscotti cookie. Not only that…HeavenlyCoffeeI will sip it in bed with no interruptions while I read. Heaven!

For more (extra)ordinary photos, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra(ordinary)

  1. For real, you stumbled across that scene? Because that’s pretty awesome. It so strange that it looks intentional. I’d love the story of how it all got there. Not a fiction. The real reason why it’s there.


    1. Coffee would make it just right, Dianne. Wouldn’t it be something to come across someone taking a bath in the forest? Someone must have taken a bath here at some point. Thanks for the visit. xo


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