7 Ways to Get your Kid to Drop the Video Game…in a Flash

I am a guest over at Long Awkward Pause today where I have advice about getting your kid to drop the video game. You’ll see it’s quite simple. Come on over!

“No. I can’t leave,” my son says, his voice tight and low. “I’m in the middle of a raid!”

These words are from the mouth of my tweener son, twelve years of know-it-all and dedicated gamer of the multiplayer variety. Typically, he shares his two-word vocabulary of “Good” and “K” sent via text from two feet away to my phone. So, I guess I should be crying tears of joy that he actually spoke to me.

I’m in favor of video games so long as they don’t run your life. They can provide opportunities to solve problems with your clan. You can talk to people from Japan or New Zealand. My son tells me it’s kind of like a blog, but with video games.

But when I can’t get beyond the death-grip of his controller and all I hear are raspy, muffled, strained exhalations…you know the kind I mean…I know I’ve lost him. He’s gone…

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