Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

This week’s photo challenge is Eye Spy.  I wanted to share pictures of a special cat.

Meet Orangey.

We had a smaller orange kitty who disappeared one day (pictured below on left). Oh, a sad day. An animal must have got him. Time passed, this bigger orange cat starting hanging around who was very skittish and shy.

First, there was a lot of door drama. Here’s Orangey with his head in the door, initially not accepted and greeted with quite the stare down.


Look at him now. When cats expose their tummies it’s their way of giving you a hug!


He’s found his forever home with us.

I can’t resist including my son’s selfie with Orangey. His eyes are smiling. He’s such an appreciative cat and a real joy.


For more Eye Spy photos, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

  1. I love orange cats. If I could have a cat, it would be an orange one. (But I can’t. Hubs is too allergic.)

    There’s an orange neighborhood cat that sometimes comes into our yard. We call it Kitty GaGa. Seems to suit her. (Him?…)

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    1. I guess you can see I like orange cats, too! Ha ha. Orangey fits right it, just not right away. Now he’s so happy. Kitty Gaga can hold you over when you want that kitty fix. I would go with girl since she’s Kitty Gaga! It’s decided. 🙂

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  2. These photos just made my morning! Sooo adorable! I had 3 cats at one time… adopted 3 siblings I found literally on the side of the road! Don’t have any now (have Ruby, my dog, or furry daughter as I call her), but would like to get one again. I love kitties!

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    1. Aww, thanks Kelly. I’m glad to share them with you and happy they made your morning! Kitties always make me feel happy and relaxed. You should definitely get a cat again. I’m sure the kitty can be friends with Ruby. 🙂

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    1. I love the name Peefa, Vanessa. He must have been special. We haven’t come up with anything other than Orangey. Now it’s just his name. 🙂 I’ve thought about trying a new name, but anyway…he seems to like I think. Thanks.

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  3. Aw… we had an awesome cat that was an orange tabby/ash mix. His name was Butterscotch. Best cat EVER! He had nine lives… literally! It was amazing what that cat lived through! I should write about it someday but I don’t know if anyone will believe me! HA HA! Love the pics Amy~

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