Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

This week’s photo challenge is Oops! 

‘Tis the season to revel in photographic (and/or photogenic) disasters.

I have an assortment of photos that will satisfy this challenge. Please forgive my indulgence, but I’m going to share a few. I had a hard time deciding which ones to include. I have plenty of blurry ones, but I like these the best.

I probably pleaded with him to smile for the camera. Bad mommy!


Every half-second my kids must move, and the closer they are in proximity to each other, the less likely they will be still for the camera. Didn’t quite get this one.


That’s not quite it either!


Here are a few blurry ones, but I think they’re pretty interesting. I love that face and the kids in the whirling background.

Last but not least, I have no idea what this is…but I like it!


To see other photos of Oops, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

      1. For 10-12 years our Holiday picture was always of our boys at a pumpkin patch at one of the places at Apple Hill. And Abel’s was always out last stop on our way home.


      2. That’s a great idea for a Christmas photo. We haven’t done one for some time. I want to do one at the Christmas tree farm….but we still haven’t got a tree and today it’s raining. Whaa! Abel’s is popular and a good way to wind up the day at Apple Hill.


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