Linger in the Moonbeam Wilderness


Linger in the moonbeam wilderness
stay a while
take off your hat, your scarf and
breathe in the air

Feel it nip at your neck and
sting your eyes
dance upon your lips
and whistle in your eardrums

Its song filters through the clouds
whispered in the wind
and is carried by feathered wings
waiting in the shadows

Memories drift on frayed edges
slipping through fingertips
remembering what you can’t forget
like tracked footfalls in the fallen snow

Memories old, memories new
memories waiting for a cue
marked by the hawk passing through
who waits for no one


Let’s all the seize the moment in 2016!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Wishing everyone the best year ever and that you’re happy, healthy and go after your dreams. How is your new year going so far?

44 thoughts on “Linger in the Moonbeam Wilderness

      1. Ay! Don’t tell me that. 😉

        I have a co-worker who regularly sends me pictures of the Oregon Coast because he knows how much I like that part of the world. They are beautiful pictures but they are all “messed with” to enhance the colors, which kind of ruins it for me.

        Happy New Year, Amy!! What are your writing plans for 2016?


      2. Thank you, by the way. For what? I need a kick in the pants to stop wallowing and not writing. Your remarks here have helped. No need to sit and do nothing this afternoon. I’m writing.


    1. Happy New Year, Steven. I’m sorry to hear it was awful. But you did live to tell me so, so there’s that! I hope everything is smoother from here on out. Congrats on finishing your novel!

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  1. Happy New Year Amy 😀

    How’s my new year ? The cats are asleep. No one’s kissed me. My Inbox is 300+. Still no one’s kissed me. It’s raining. Will someone kiss me ? No change from last year then …. or the year before that. So my new year is fantastic Amy 😉 Oh boy !

    Big hug 😀 ❤


    1. What? No one has kissed you?! I know your sweet little kitties have. The rain is always a good start to a new year. It’s cleansing, refreshing and peaceful. I guess you have no shortage of things to do with 300+ emails! I guess you better get cracking. Ha! Happy New Year to you, Ralph. kiss kiss xoxoxo

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    1. Thanks, Darla. Happy New Year to you! Snuggling and watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. Not a bad way to start at all. I hope they are feeling better soon.


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