Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

This week’s photo challenge is Circle. Let a familiar shape inspire you.

Here’s the Circle of the Snow.


Drag it.


Sit on it…or not.


Everyone has their own tethered donut.


Whatever you do…


…don’t go


…without it.


To see more Circles, visit the Weekly Photo Challenge site.


35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

    1. Me too, Brigitte. Had I not just taken these pictures, I may have easily come up with something else. It is a kind of calming shape. And I now have a new term for this type of sledding: circle sledding. Love it! We had a great time and it was a perfect day temperature wise.


  1. Love these photos! So blue as well! We have snow tubing at a few ski resorts close by. My kids have gone, but it’s something I haven’t tried (yet). We also have killer toboggan chutes that we’ve gone to for many winters. I love almost all winter sports – makes a huge difference getting through the cold and snow! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kelly! I noticed the blue theme here, too. 🙂 I ended up getting my kids matching jackets only because the price was right. This tube sledding is really fun and pretty safe, considering other sledding hills we saw and tried 😦 I have a story to tell about that one.) Toboggan chutes sound pretty thrilling. Winter sports do get you outside. Otherwise, it’s so tempting to stay inside where it’s toasty and warm.

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