Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

This week’s photo challenge is Vibrant.

This week, share a photo of something vibrant. Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it takes a bit of grey to see the color.

These orange doors caught my eye. How could they not? I named this “Orange Boost.”

OrangeBoost (2)

I didn’t say it was pretty, but how about that orange? Or, do you think this color is red?

On a grey day, I think this field of green looks especially vibrant. For once, California is enjoying some rain. This field is usually brown for most of the year. I had to snap a photo to remember this lovely color.


And now…a splash of yellow. I took this one a few years ago in the Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose. Spring will be here in no time. 


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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

  1. For me this is definitely orange. The doors have the same color as my amplifier boxes when I played in my rock band. And the name of the amplifier tower was … Orange. So this one is out of question. The green is vibrant… for sure. If you want to see a whole landscape in green, you have to come to North Germany. It is not only green, it is flat as well. You can see on Friday who visits you for lunch on Sunday. Nice response, Amy! Smiles. Reinhold


    1. Wow, so you were in a rock band with an orange amplifier. How cool that I found out that little detail about you this morning! Still play? I imagine North Germany as a magical place with long expanses of green. I guess a flat view allows for smart planning of your social calendar. Thanks so much, Reinhold. Smiles!

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      1. I was until last year, then I had a cervical disk herniation, right hand was disabled, still not working properly. So, no guitar playing anymore. At least for the next year. But I have my camera and that’s all I need in the moment. Have a good time, Amy.


      2. I’m sorry to hear about your injury, Reinhold. I’m sure you’ll be back at it when you’re ready. I’m glad you have your camera so I can enjoy all your wonderful photos! Thanks, I will.

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  2. I quite like the contrasts of that first one and the second one is nice but it looks like it was run through a color-enhancing filter. I’m not a big fan of filters and extensions. It’s like when singers use and auto-tune.


  3. Those certainly are bright colours to wake us up. That neon orange is the favourite of one of my sisters. She has all kinds of clothing in it. I have to admit that it comes in handy when we go somewhere crowded. She’s tiny and I lose her a lot, until I see the flash of neon orange.


    1. Thanks, Tom. I’m glad to hear my little experiment worked for you. I actually took the flower photo a couple of years ago, but flowers are always blooming in California. They’re mostly confused.


    1. The El Nino is doing wonders for us, especially Northern California. Our snowpack is 130% of average for this time of year or something like that. It’s been excellent! I’m glad I have something to show for it. Thanks for stopping by.

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