Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

This week’s photo challenge is State of Mind.

This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

Whenever I take photos, I certainly view them as mini, visual stories. But more than that, they can depict what the photographer is thinking or the mood he/she is in. 

State of Mind: Calm

I took this photo below while on a walk. My mood and my surroundings were calm. I like this photo because it’s not clear what’s behind the bend, But with a calm mind, I’m fine with that. Although you don’t see it, there’s water out there. I like these little bridges; I pretend I’m somewhere else, some little village, far, far away. A nature walk always clears my head.

December 2015 130
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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

    1. Have you seen that nano crystal television? It’s looks so real, like nothing I’ve ever seen. Like the people are right there in front of you. Once they accomplish the visual, smell has got to be next! Thanks!


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