Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

I figure Sunday is as good as any day for a story! I have a quick confession. Somehow I thought I saw the prompt come up in my Reader, thinking it was this other, older one we had before and I wrote a new story (for a prompt used before!). Maybe because it was Friday the 13th?! I don’t have a good reason. I mixed myself up. 

And, I took this prompt to be a theater. But here’s my story anyway.

Thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading the group and to Ceayr for the wonderful photo. 


Doing It Their Way

From behind creaky doors to the spotlight down to the pit of darkness, theaters hold a history all their own. Gossip, rumors, it’s all part of the show. The final review is the truth whispered in the wings.

Like the one about the dancer who languished in the back row, her arms like lead, her head drooping, a flower wilting past her prime. Except she burst; spinning in front of the star with such speed and bravado, she flew into the orchestra, toppling the cellist and his instrument.

Her abrupt entrance was their exit and they left hand-in-hand, stars of their own show.


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32 thoughts on “Doing It Their Way – Friday Fictioneers

  1. There were actually quite a few people who thought theater with this week’s prompt, and I think it totally works! It was a lovely story. Tiny dancers definitely deserve to blossom. 😄

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    1. I could have wrote the spaceship theme, but was pulled in the theater direction. I love your comment that dancers are capable of that burst no matter what. Being a former dancer, I hope it’s true! Yes, it is true. 🙂 I think these two definitely yearned for some romance, Michelle. Thanks for your lovely comments.

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  2. There’s just something about a theater that get’s those creative (and spooky) juices flowing, Amy. I love this story – great entrance and exit! 😀


    1. The theater is kind of magical that way. I think there’s always this feeling of unpredictability. That’s what is so exciting about it, I would say! Glad you enjoyed it, Dianne. Thanks. 🙂

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  3. Hahahaha! I got this kind of “visual” where she ended up in the bell of the tuba, legs kicking and a muffled “help!” It’s always funny to see someone give it all they’ve got and they do an epic fail. Looks like the both of us went the same route this week. Likey!

    Five out of five orchestra pitfalls. 😀


    1. I picture her smashing the delicate wood of the cello. Oh, so sad! Definitely an epic fail. I’ll will be by to read. Sorry, I’m so very late this week. Thanks for the high pitfall marks! 🙂


  4. Dear Amy,

    I love where you let the prompt take you. Oh the stories theaters could tell. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite short stories that I’ve written was called “If These Walls Could Talk.” It’s a narrative told by the Uptown Theatre…an old one in Kansas City.
    Enough about me…Good story. I enjoyed it.



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    1. So good to hear, Rochelle! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think theaters are kind of magical that way. I love that title for your story. That’s perfect. What would the walls say, what secrets do they keep? Thank you.


  5. What an vivid set of images you’ve created in your lovely story, Amy! I could picture the whole thing, especially this brilliant visual: “Except she burst; spinning in front of the star with such speed and bravado, she flew into the orchestra, toppling the cellist and his instrument.”


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