Why a book review changed my life


I was painfully shy in school which is why I can relate so much to Louise Jensen’s post. Mostly, I’m so thrilled about this wonderful moment in this writer’s life! Her psychological thriller “The Sister” is debuting in July. I can’t wait.

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As a child, when the school reports were handed out, my stomach churned with anxiety. It’s not that I was a bad student, but I was very shy and this was something teachers were quick to point out. Every. Single. Year.

‘Louise has a good grasp of English but doesn’t join in the class debates, and needs to…’

‘Louise excels at maths but is very quiet in class, and needs to…’

‘Louise produces some excellent work but fails to put her hand up, and needs to….’

 But. But. But. And it didn’t matter how much I studied, the exams I passed, or the homework I always (nearly always) handed in on time. It was never enough. I was never enough. There was always a ‘but’ no matter how hard I tried. My results were good but my personality was always in question and my fragile confidence shrunk year after…

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8 thoughts on “Why a book review changed my life

  1. Ah yes, I can relate too! I was always so quiet at school. My son is now too (but not my daughter), when I go to parents evenings at schools, every teacher says how quiet he is and how they wish he would put his hand up sometimes, or join in class discussions, and I always wish they wouldn’t say it in front of him!

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    1. Right, as if your son is deaf or something. He’s listening. Kids are the best listeners when they know you’re talking about them. I don’t remember a lot of discussion from teachers about this when I was kid. I just remember wanting so badly to speak up and I just couldn’t! And then I would put even more pressure on myself. So, extra expectations from anyone made it even worse. Thanks for you comments, Vanessa.


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