For Pulse, Orlando

A poem for Pulse, Orlando. I needed to read this today. Maybe you do, too. Thanks to gunroswell for these words.


Rantings Of A Third Kind

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Remembering the victims of Pulse, Orlando

our pulse skipped a beat today

“Peace and love among all those souls, who roam this planet, called Earth” Gun Roswell

For Pulse, Orlando

What a world we live in
When feeling comfortable in your own skin
Is frowned upon by others
Leaving your heart smothered

Love, peace and happiness
We all strive for nothing less
May that be a lesson for us all
Young, old and very small

a rose for pulse

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8 thoughts on “For Pulse, Orlando

  1. This is so sad. I wished there was more love in the world when I heard this, but people have really stepped up and supported this community. It’s wonderful to see – but still such a tragedy 😦


    1. It was uplifting to see the show of support, wasn’t it? It always seems to take an awful tragedy for people to come together, Dianne. They were all so young. I feel really sad and sick about this.

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