My Adventures in Pokemon Go – Part 1

“Mom, slow down. I need to get some progress on my egg.” No, we’re not farmers. These are the words of my son when we’re playing Pokemon Go. Okay, and we’re cheating. Just a little. We’re in our car and we should be walking or biking. You see if you move too fast, your egg won’t incubate and you’re likely to miss all kinds of nearby Pokemon.

Let me pause and say whoever thought us this Pokemon Go is an absolute genius. It gets kids (and adults) off the couch and out of the house, all while still playing a video game. Imagine that! I thought I’d document my little adventures as I play alongside my sons, both very video savvy. As for me, I’m an absolute beginner and have never been a gamer, but we’re having a great time so far.

Yesterday, my son and I rode bikes around the Intel campus after dark on the hunt for a memorial plaque. I come to find out that there’s this beautiful little lake with trails I never knew about. We also found that someone around Intel is really scary with a lot of power. (I mean in the game, of course!) Right now, because my son and I are new to the game, we’re weak and so want to keep our distance.

We are also a bit too weak to contend with anything having to do with the “gym.” My son tried to fend off someone in a gym in the produce section at the supermarket, but was unsuccessful. You can easily recognize a gym on your phone. It’s a big and menacing, blinking tower.

Tonight, my younger son joined us. We drove to a reservoir nearby, a small body of water I haven’t been to in years, and had never seen at dusk.

Willow Creek Reservoir. It’s a simple walk around the lake. Perfect for a short stroll.

So pretty.


My younger son is hooked now and wants to play. Unfortunately, his iPad doesn’t have a data plan. We may resurrect an old phone and see about changing that. I think it could be worth it. Anything to get these kids outside. This is working! We’ve tried to get out in nature before, but it always seems to be a dreadful thing for my younger son. Tonight, he was skipping along.

Looking at a screen, but off the couch and outside. The air was perfect!

And lo and behold, a Pokestop in front of another grocery story I frequent all the time. Pokestops are my favorite. Free stuff and more pokeballs to catch the Pokemon. And guess what? It has a compass in the front I’ve never seen before. Who knew?

Are those ghost Pokemons? Nah.

I’m at Level 4, so I know we have many more adventures ahead, and I have to catch up to my son who’s at Level 10. He shakes his head at me, but he’s patient and explains things about the ever-changing Pokemon.

What about you? Have you tried it? Curious?

20 thoughts on “My Adventures in Pokemon Go – Part 1

    1. It is really crazy how many people are doing it. I like that about it. Maybe in a time when we all feel like we need a little community it’s a good thing. Thanks, Kelly. And for you as well. I hope you’re doing great! xox

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  1. What lovely shots of the reservoir. Isnt it fun rediscovering areas around you due to this genious game? Not to mention the time you get with your beautiful kids!

    Good luck! Cant wait to read and see the next adventure.


    1. You’re so lovely, Audra. I think it’s fun to see things with a new perspective. I tried the game on my own and I’ll admit it wasn’t the same as when I play it with them. That’s the fun for me! We shall see. We’ll be traveling a little soon, so maybe you’ll see the game in the big city!

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  2. So cool that you’re doing this with them. I may have to join my oldest on his quest. The youngest isn’t interested. It’s great to see kids getting outside and walking–even if it is with an electronic game!


    1. Thanks, Carrie. Oh, so good to see you. I’m really having fun with it. My older son is really active, but younger one prefers relaxing. He doesn’t even know he’s exercising. It’s perfect for him!

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    1. You could hatch quite a few eggs with that kind of walking. No problem! I haven’t been in any kind of groove with this game. I’m still just amazing how big it’s gotten. For the most part, I think it’s fun. You would probably get a laugh out of it. Just watch out for the cliffs and cars.

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