Nowhere to go…

Reinhold Staden is an incredible photographer and I am a big fan of his work. We collaborated on a little project. He provided his fantastic image and I provided a story to go with it. Check it out over on his blog. Hope you like it.

Reinhold Staden Photography

A project

of Amy Reese of The Bumble Files and Reinhold Staden Photography.

The idea

An image says more than 500 words? I don’t think so. But if an image and 500 words come together they will create something special.
A few days ago we launched a project to bring a story of Amy’s fiction series and an image of my fiction series together.
I  provided an image taken in the Fintlandsmoor with some “creative additions” and Amy provided an excerpt of a larger story.

The result

I can only write about Amy’s story.
When I read it for the first time I thought: absolutely stunning.
How cool is it if an image of mine is boosted by the words of such a talented writer. I am a “visual” person, that is the reason why I love landscape photography. But I admire Amy’s talent to visualize stories with words.
But you…

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6 thoughts on “Nowhere to go…

  1. This is a special event, Amy. I never shared a post with another blog. And what could I say: I am very honored to share it with you. Hopefully some more readers will find a way to your awesome blog and that your excellent story found the right “stage”. For me this corporation was reward enough. I enjoyed it a lot.
    Smiles and thanks from the North of Germany. Reinhold

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