Walking Alone with Nature

This past weekend, I desperately needed to breakaway from the walls of my house. I can be a slave to my computer if I allow myself. My back aches from all the sitting I do. It was high time I stretched my legs. I pleaded with my family to join me on a walk to … Continue reading Walking Alone with Nature

Monday Lunch Madness

You know the scenario. It's a whole string of events that bring you to this ever so delicate impasse: the realization that you do not have all the essentials to make your child's school lunch. And it's all your fault. If you don't have a child, I imagine this could apply to you, solely, on any … Continue reading Monday Lunch Madness

Those Dishes Were Clean

Good day! It's Bumble Tuesday. Of course, a Bumble can happen any day of the week. Today just happens to be Tuesday... For today's Bumble I will begin with some background. Walking Dead fans out there may recall this scene from season 4 (and if I'm spoiling anything for anyone, please just plug your ears?). … Continue reading Those Dishes Were Clean

Goldilocks broke into my blog…

Guys, look what happened? Would you just look at what's happened to my blog?! I can only assume Goldilocks is behind this. Just last night, she was over for a bowl of soup and she fell asleep in my bed. AGAIN! But, I fell asleep, too, and I think she must have slipped something in my … Continue reading Goldilocks broke into my blog…

Not Exactly Hallmark Moments

It was only yesterday that we managed to decorate our Christmas tree. I'm sure we get the prize for being the last on the block. Really, I don't have an excuse. As I write this, there are only four days to spare before Christmas. I admit I'm a bit delayed this year. Okay, really delayed...like I've never been this … Continue reading Not Exactly Hallmark Moments

The Trimmings Tell the Real Story

Walking through my neighborhood, I pause to look at the various holiday decorations. And, guess what? I'm on to you, Santa. Santa has been very bad. If you look deep enough, and trust me, I always look deep, you will just need a few clues to put this puzzle together. You think Santa has been … Continue reading The Trimmings Tell the Real Story

News at Your Fingertips

I enjoy The Huffington Post and usually explore the headlines on my smartphone. Many of my blogging friends have had articles published on the HuffPo, and when that happens it's a truly special day. Celebrities are in my midst, mind you, celebrities who will talk to me. Special, like I said. But on a typical day, I attempt … Continue reading News at Your Fingertips