Thanksgiving Quandries

For this year's Thanksgiving meal, I will responsible for cooking. This also includes planning. We all know that the secret to a successful Thanksgiving meal with numerous side dishes delivered to the table piping hot all at once is....more than one oven! Correct? But unless you live in a hotel or you're just lucky, you're like … Continue reading Thanksgiving Quandries

Not the Flash!

So, I forgot it takes 25 minutes to get 2.9 miles in rush hour. And it was dark. And RAINING! It never rains. Maybe it was because of the lightning, but Siri malfunctioned. These are her instructions: Make a left. Then left again. Now make a U-Turn. She took me into a parking lot. Oh, … Continue reading Not the Flash!

7 Ways to Get your Kid to Drop the Video Game…in a Flash

I am a guest over at Long Awkward Pause today where I have advice about getting your kid to drop the video game. You’ll see it’s quite simple. Come on over!

“No. I can’t leave,” my son says, his voice tight and low. “I’m in the middle of a raid!”

These words are from the mouth of my tweener son, twelve years of know-it-all and dedicated gamer of the multiplayer variety. Typically, he shares his two-word vocabulary of “Good” and “K” sent via text from two feet away to my phone. So, I guess I should be crying tears of joy that he actually spoke to me.

I’m in favor of video games so long as they don’t run your life. They can provide opportunities to solve problems with your clan. You can talk to people from Japan or New Zealand. My son tells me it’s kind of like a blog, but with video games.

But when I can’t get beyond the death-grip of his controller and all I hear are raspy, muffled, strained exhalations…you know the kind I mean…I know I’ve lost him. He’s gone…

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The Myth of Multitasking

Multitasking is a catch-all word that signifies success, adaptability and, above all, is a common descriptor on job applicants' resumes. Friends, do you want the truth? Our brains don't like to multitask. In fact, they reject it. They're simply not wired to behave in such a manner.  Research shows that humans can only think about … Continue reading The Myth of Multitasking

It Costs How Much?

Remember that scene from I, Robot where Will Smith's character orders a beer in a diner and it's like $27? No? I couldn't find the video or a meme to'll just have to take my word for it.  When I saw it I remember thinking, Wow, that's one expensive beer. I hope it never gets that bad.  Friends, … Continue reading It Costs How Much?

I Thought I’d Never Be Back

Greetings, blogging friends. I'm baaack! At least I think I am. I seriously thought I'd never be back. I've returned from a ten-day trip to Los Angeles, fun-filled with chlorine, ocean spray, and not enough sunscreen. I swam in the ocean for at least an hour and the water never felt so warm at 70 degrees. Can … Continue reading I Thought I’d Never Be Back

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #27

Mischievous Shoes to whom do you belong? Could it be gardening gnomes with purposeful plans? ... No,  caught once again, it's the Wicked Witch of the East Without body or legs in the squash patch Oh, and now she's a runner ************* These shoes are supposed to be some kind of gardening trick, but I don't what it is exactly. I … Continue reading Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #27