My Three Genie Wishes for Today

These are my Three Genie Wishes for today. That means they could be different for tomorrow. I'm rubbing my lamp now. 1. I wish that when I hit the pillow, I would fall asleep instantly! Sleep has been a difficult issue most of my life, not made any easier by having two children. But when … Continue reading My Three Genie Wishes for Today

Child’s Play

As a kid I spent a lot of time in our backyard pool during the summer. I was a fish, and it was our summertime fun, my family not having the resources for expensive vacations. Although back then, a family with six children could go the Disneyland. Now you would probably need a second mortgage … Continue reading Child’s Play

In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

I will admit my brain is a little fried and my house is a complete mess. Just today, when I thought I got the house under control, my kids had friends over and they destroyed the place. What are they thinking? Well, here are a few thoughts of my two sons over the past couple … Continue reading In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

For My Sister

While helping my dad move over the weekend, I came across a poem my oldest sister had written years ago. Her poem was so powerful and it caught me off guard. It inspired me to write a poem of my own. Also many years ago, my little sister and I stayed with our big sister … Continue reading For My Sister

In the Words of a Child (July 2012)

My kids keep me young. That must be why I have gray hair. Here's what I've been hearing lately. S. love, my six-year-old: Mom, don't get distracted. I'm here to see the Hot Wheels. (while at Target) You need to go to love management. (for giving him too many hugs) Mommy I like our house, … Continue reading In the Words of a Child (July 2012)

Old Soul

A family of three sits at their kitchen table, having dinner together. Midway through, the mother says, "Let's do a toast." Their three-year-old son looks confused and says, "What's that?" The mother explains, "Well, you say something about the people you're with, or something you'd like to celebrate, or maybe something you would like to … Continue reading Old Soul

The Second Tooth and the Cosmic Universe

My son's second tooth was going to come out at any hour, nay any minute, no second. Both his first tooth and second tooth may have well come out at the very same time. But this didn't happen. The loss of his first tooth unrolled in a sweet fashion, with the "Ah, your first tooth. … Continue reading The Second Tooth and the Cosmic Universe