Back from the Great Beyond

Alas, my fellow bloggers, I have returned from the Great Beyond. I have my computer back!!! Took long enough, don't ya think? I can now sit at my computer in the comfort of my home at any hour I please in whatever outfit I choose, and blog to my heart's delight. I no longer need … Continue reading Back from the Great Beyond

Ode to Dell

Technology, you are not my friend today Built-in obsolescence made in a land faraway It is their grand plan The twenty-first century scam You need a new hard drive, you say It will last a warranty and a day Replacement number two, now three Request a restore disc for a nominal fee Dell, for all … Continue reading Ode to Dell

Facebook and the Confessions and Ramblings of a Gen-X’er

I'm on Facebook, of course, along with the rest of the almost billion users. That's mind numbing. As of June 2012, Facebook has over 955 million active users. This number includes mobile users (said to make up half the number of users), underage kids who shouldn't be there in the first place (FB restricts users under age 13) … Continue reading Facebook and the Confessions and Ramblings of a Gen-X’er

The Library, My Friend and Yours

Recently, I had a bit of snag with overdue book notices from my local library. Like the rest of civilization, the library must progress with the digital age. I'm not going to pick on the library. I love my library. I rely on my library. As a kid, I went to the library with my … Continue reading The Library, My Friend and Yours

The High-Priced Bumble and Where’s my Upgrade Already?

July is the month I'm supposed to get my new phone, an upgrade from my current flip phone. You may recall this from my previous post. My husband managed to take my last two upgrades for a new phone. That's right. The last two. I'm scratching my head as I type this, wondering how this … Continue reading The High-Priced Bumble and Where’s my Upgrade Already?

Embrace Technology

Remember the flip phone? I know there are a few of us left with such device. My sister had a good laugh about it during her last visit. "What is that? A flip phone? Is that a phone from the eighties?" Ha ha. July is the month I'm getting my new, twenty-first century phone so I … Continue reading Embrace Technology

The Inexcusable Bumble: The Late Check-In

Late Check-In

When you fly, there's not only getting on the plane, there's getting to the airport. Often, a friend or family drives you there, and there's always the question, "When do we need to leave?" Let's see, "When's your flight?" And, then you factor in the suggested allotted time necessary to stand in the check-in line … Continue reading The Inexcusable Bumble: The Late Check-In