Happy 2015!

We made it to another year! Congratulations everyone. I have loads of goals this year. I know if I share them on my blog, you'll hold me to them. I'll just limit myself to ten. Here there are: Write Get back into dance class. I miss it! Start my book...write write Play with my kids … Continue reading Happy 2015!

Follow-up on Tessa

I'd like to thank everyone who read my Tessa story, or any part of it. To all who liked, commented, or read it, even in secret, I'm grateful for every read. Special thanks to Carrie, Michelle, Jim, and Ralph who read every entry. You guys deserve a prize. I wish I had t-shirts or coffee mugs, or … Continue reading Follow-up on Tessa

My Writing Process – #mywritingprocess Blog Tour

I am honored and humbled to join in on the Writing Process Blog Tour (#mywritingprocess). When Michelle over at The Green Study invited me, I couldn't refuse. I am always delighted to read her posts. Her writing is both eloquent and intelligent, and I feel I gain a morsel of truth every time I visit her blog. If … Continue reading My Writing Process – #mywritingprocess Blog Tour

CBC Short Story Prize

Congratulations to Trent Lewin! His short story has been selected for the shortlist for the CBC Short Story Prize. His story is one of five chosen from 3,200 entries. His story is brilliant! You must read. Although voting has no bearing on who is chosen as the winner, I’m sure it can’t hurt. Go check it out and vote.

Trent Lewin

Hi all.  Made the short-list for CBC’s short story prize – grand prize winner to be announced later in March.  You can read the story, see a photo!, and read a short interview here:


I think there’s a voting mechanism, so if you like the story and are of a mind… I’d highly appreciate it.  Words really can’t express how I feel right now.  I’ve never submitted anything before, so this is all new – but awesome.  Thanks so much CBC!Banner-ShortStory

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Writing Tips for the New Year

Are we still talking about the New Year as if it were new? Please allow me one just more day, because I have special tips for you. Actually, I'm borrowing these tips from the blog of Jeff Goins, an excellent resource for all things writing; his post is here. He suggested that instead of making resolutions, we … Continue reading Writing Tips for the New Year

Write Like No One Is Reading

My seven-year-old son, Skyler, has a behavioral chart at school. The main obstacle to achieving four stickers, the highest level of success, has been narrowed down to mostly one thing, completing his journal. He either doesn't write in the journal or doesn't read the journal out loud to the class when requested. I've felt bewildered … Continue reading Write Like No One Is Reading

A Book Event with Author James Rollins

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting James Rollins, a New York Times bestselling author, at a book event at my local library. Anytime I can learn how someone has made it as an author, I'm all ears. Born James Paul Czajkowski, he is a colossal success, having written 26 novels, in the international thriller, fantasy, … Continue reading A Book Event with Author James Rollins