Post of the Week – 1800ukillme

Winter ends March 21st, so we now have less than a month left before spring. While lately I see flowers blooming all around me, I can still feel winter in the air. That’s winter in California. It’s very rare for snow to fall on the ground here unless you’re in the mountains. The last time it snowed at my house was about nine years ago. I know, you’re thinking poor baby.

Look, we already have pink trees. I know you may find this hard to believe, but I’m not ready for the pink trees yet. Every year, they come so fast and turn to red leaves before I have time to take a picture. At least, I got one this year.

pink treesIn the meantime, I can appreciate a crisp day with gray skies; a day that encourages walking, thinking, pondering and reflecting.

Sandee captures the mood beautifully in her post, Gothic Days.  Enjoy your last days of winter. Perhaps, you’ll want to take a walk.