I Thought I’d Never Be Back

Greetings, blogging friends. I'm baaack! At least I think I am. I seriously thought I'd never be back. I've returned from a ten-day trip to Los Angeles, fun-filled with chlorine, ocean spray, and not enough sunscreen. I swam in the ocean for at least an hour and the water never felt so warm at 70 degrees. Can … Continue reading I Thought I’d Never Be Back

I want to know why

Dear readers, I am seeking answers. I need your help. I want to know why when I take medicine with a measurement cup all the lines on the cup are faint and fuzzy. I mean the lines are practically invisible. If you're the one who is sick and having to pour your own medicine, this … Continue reading I want to know why

At the Perk Up

Greta planned to swing by the Perk Up to pick up Eddie's phoned-in sandwich order, and grab a salad for herself. The Perk Up, known this side of Lake Forest for its steamy coffee brewed to perfection, sumptuous raspberry cream cheese muffins, and delectable ham and cheese frittatas, was a local hot spot. Wes, the … Continue reading At the Perk Up

The Gatekeeper

My phone buzzed with a text. It was Eddie asking, "Going to the Perk? Help a cave boy out?!" I send back to him, "Sure, I'm going anyway...." Eddie responds, "The usual with extra pickles! Please!!! Thx!" The usual is an egg salad sandwich on toasted wheat with pickles. Extra pickles? He's desperate. Suki glared … Continue reading The Gatekeeper

Blog Reflection #1

I will admit that I wasn't sure exactly what I would be writing about in a personal blog. The more I write, the more this seems to be true. That's fine with me though. I call that the creative process, sometimes painful, albeit always enlightening. Anyway, I thought about changing my "About" page, and then … Continue reading Blog Reflection #1

Flashback to Art History

As I was heading out for lunch, Director Tunello laid a thick envelope on my desk marked "Confidential." This was per usual, as was his timing, right as I am to leave.  He had to know that my stomach was growling and that I was nauseous from too much coffee and too little nourishment . … Continue reading Flashback to Art History

Faulty Memories

I haven't seen my sister Shelly for over a week now. I think I may have overreacted. She's probably not an alien. I'm just having bad PMS and freaked out. I suppose it's only normal for someone to think about their past when they're going through a crisis. Still it seemed out of place. One day, … Continue reading Faulty Memories