Genre: Apocalyptic (103 words)

Dancing Orbs

The observatories lined the hillside like a strand of shining bulbs on a Christmas tree. Their orchestral mirrors probed the skies to deliver bewildering images beyond explanation. Certainly they must have answers about the icy dust covering the planet.

The two dotted figures slogged through the snow, dragging their icicle brick feet up the mountain. They plunged ahead, transfixed by the glow of dancing orbs.

They were greeted with smiles and then doors slammed behind them.

“Our volunteers have arrived,” a man whisked them down a hallway.

“Wait. No.”

“Congratulations. You’ve been selected to save the human race.”


This prompt was for the Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge, where a group of writers across the globe write a 100-word story based on a photo.

I apologize for my lateness, but I will admit that this prompt really stumped me. I gave it a go anyway! I’m not that pleased with my story, but here it is.

All are welcome to participate. If you are interested, join in!

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting and to Doug MacIlroy for this amazing photo.

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Dancing Orbs – Friday Fictioneers

Late Night Thoughts on Planetary Alignments

giza_alignmentPhoto credit: Charles Marcello

Let’s not forget the a-pocky-clips is near, highlighted by the above photo where the planets of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn line up over the pyramids of Giza on December 3, 2012.

This photo went viral months ago, of course, and is old news. Scientists have dissected it by now, revealing that said alignment of the planets, which indeed will occur, won’t look like this. The planets will align in a more vertical direction. Plus, this would never happen quite this way because the pyramids in the photo are backwards. I would think these little details would be fine tuned to properly pull off a stunt like this. But actually, that’s impossible, too, since this whole thing can’t really happen this way. I admit it’s a catchy photo. Charles Marcello created the photo, by the way, using an astronomy software program called Starry Night Pro.

And, another thing….

6+6+6=18   (Very good)

and, so it follows…

18+3=21 (Correct again!)

When these planets line up today (December 3rd)  it will be exactly 18 days away from December 21, 2012, the day that marks the end of the Mayan calendar. So, you see, this is significant.

I have grappled with the mysteries of life my entire existence, my purpose for this blog in fact, and this much I know. The end of the world, or even some catastrophic event, will not be something we can pencil in on our calendars. How do I know this? Because, dear reader, life doesn’t happen this way. It just doesn’t. Ask any woman who has tried to have a birth plan for her child? Did that work out? It usually doesn’t. You see my point?

Having this kind of insight into the end of the world, or even a new beginning, would indicate that we can somehow predict the inner workings of the Universe. The Universe!

So, admit it. When the 2,000 millennium bug did NOT happen, did you not feel a little let down? It’s easy to understand why we may crave an earth-shattering moment, or even a mere glimpse of something spectacular. This beats our daily life of work, bills, and laundry. If the apocalypse happened or the Rapture, or Armageddon, or what have you, well, you would have to forfeit control of your life. That’s right. You can just throw your problems out the window. Oh, you’ll have problems, but other problems, problems that belong to the apocalypse or new beginning, or whatever it may be. We would all be in dire straits together.

I’m familiar with this line of thinking because I used to think about the end of the world. When? How? That, and moving to Michigan. My life would be perfect and magical if only I could move to Michigan. They have those lakes, do they not? People there would be super nice. And fresh air, not like the smog of Southern California. I was about twelve years old, I believe, when I fantasized about this.

Now, I’m certain of this. On December 22nd, I will probably wake up in my bed, as I always do on this day, and think about the Christmas shopping that I have yet to do.

Of course, there’s always the zombie apocalypse. According to my family, they’re going to leave me behind because I will slow them down. I think they’ve been watching too many movies. Anyway, that’s fine with me, so long as I have a good book to read.

What about you? Do you have any special end of the world plans? So you know, I plan to be right here.