This Way for Awesome Blog Content

Many moons ago, Becky from Becky Says Things awarded me, little old me, with the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award. I graciously accept. Thank you, Becky. I'm sure she gave up on me by now. But Becky, old chum, it was really Sticky that was dragging his feet here. But then he found Stickman....he told … Continue reading This Way for Awesome Blog Content

I am a Superwoman Aglow with Liebster Love and Epic Awesomeness

I'm feeling love vibrations in the air... It must be the the Liebster love granted to me by the charming Kylie from The Life of Kylie, and from the exotic Whitney at Charms of a Gypsy. Thank you, ladies. I'm honored. Also, I've been bestowed the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness, courtesy of David … Continue reading I am a Superwoman Aglow with Liebster Love and Epic Awesomeness

My Unofficial Awards Ceremony

Welcome to my Unofficial Awards Ceremony of 2012, unofficial because there will be no rules and no awards. And, guess what? This just happens to be my 100th post!  I say it's time to have a party. We'll have cake This cake comes to you courtesy of Sandee. I hope she doesn't mind...I simply can't … Continue reading My Unofficial Awards Ceremony

Blog Reflection #2

It's time for some reflecting. Readers, it's long overdue. My last "Reflection" post was at #10 and here we are at #30. I haven't been all together focused. Lately, I've been in a blog fog. I might as well be drinking beer and eating frosted flakes. I didn't say I was I doing that. No, … Continue reading Blog Reflection #2