This Way for Awesome Blog Content

Many moons ago, Becky from Becky Says Things awarded me, little old me, with the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award. I graciously accept. Thank you, Becky.

I’m sure she gave up on me by now. But Becky, old chum, it was really Sticky that was dragging his feet here. But then he found Stickman….he told me, No Stickman should walk this sphere alone. Has Stickman been absent lately? Well, now you know where he ran off to….


P.S. Be sure to check out Becky’s blog if you haven’t….she’s the one who’s ruddy brilliant. She truly is. Note to Becky: Stickman may look a little different on my blog.

Now to accept this award, I am to say my ABC’s with a list of words. Here we go:

Accent – If you have an accent, I automatically think you’re sexy. In other words…if you’re not American. I’d like to hear Becky’s sexy English accent over a beer at a pub. Is it a date? Only I can’t drink the beer warm, okay?

Burpee – This is probably one of my least favorite words and exercise. It’s half torture, half cheerleading move. Let me explain. From standing position, you squat, go out to plank position, then thrust back to squat position, and then jump up in the air and clap your hands together. If am I understand this correctly, a full burbee includes a push-up after the plank position. It’s just sick, in a bad way.

Coffee – Must. Have. Coffee. It’s easily one of my favorite things in life.

Device – This is probably the word I hear the most, as in Where’s the device? It’s my turn for the device. Is the device charged? Pretty soon they will be more devices than people on the planet. It’s true. Be wary of the implant. They could break into your house while you’re sleeping and lodge it into brain. It could happen…then we would be walking around like this:


Einstein, Albert – I have some new info for Einstein. It’s this:


Do you think Einstein would enjoy blogging? Would he have been as productive in this century?

Feng Shui – Do you have any Feng in that Shui or is it Shui in that Feng? I just know that my house doesn’t have it. The perfect Feng Shui for me would be an absolutely empty house with nothing in it. I find there’s something undeniably inviting about wide open space.

Gross – This word feels like it sounds.

Humble – Some of the most talented people also are the most humble. This has endeared them to me even more.

Italy – I just want to go to Italy. I want to sit at the cafes and have three-hour meals with wine and bread, eat Gelato, and bask in the sun of Mediterranean beaches on the Amalfi coast. Can’t picture it….here it is:  Ahhh

Photos of La Strada, Praiano
This photo of La Strada is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Jellyfish – One of the most bizarre and marvelous marine creatures. Did you know the jellies have been around for 700 million years, making them the oldest multi-organ animal.

K – It’s a powerful letter…”K” as in okay, as in thousand, kilometer, kilobit, or kilobyte, or Kablam!

Love – According to Woody Allen:

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness. 

I’ll have that aspirin now…

Monk – I’ve been told that in a past life, I was a monk. The no talking clause might be problematic, but maybe it would be relaxing. Perhaps, this would explain my attraction to Italy.

Nurse – What I should have been. My mom was a nurse in mental health. I’ve come to understand that this is really the best profession to have if you’re a woman and want to have it all; kids, career, the house in the suburbs. Mrs. Yahoo is a complete hypocrite, you know. She had a nursery built on-site. Did she think we wouldn’t find out?

Oompa Loompa – Sticky and Stickman just wanted to paint their faces orange…


Penny – for your thoughts….mine are worth much more. This phrase needs an update.

Qualm – Does anyone ever say this word in conversation? Have you ever heard it spoken?

Roller coasters –  Now, I can ride roller coasters with my thrill-seeking ten-year-old.

Sex – I know that’s just what you wanted to hear. Don’t deny it. For the record, my top search words are “boobs,” “boob jokes,” or “big boob jokes.” Let’s hear it for boobies.

Ticker – Remember life before tickers? Do we really need tickers?

Universe – No, it’s not your smartphone. Let me see if I can explain it to you. The Universe is simply everything, the totality of our existence. Everything beyond the beyond. It’s everything that exists. I hope this has helped.

V  for Vendetta – Yes, it was their idea….


Wine – I enjoy a glass of red wine. See, it’s all coming together here…being a monk, Italy, wine…

X – Generation X…we are the coolest. Who would want to be Generation Y? Like why are you here? Actually, I never wanted to be a letter.

You – Thank you, you! I owe all it to you, dear listeners. Thanks for coming back to my blog again and again (and reading this long post!). I would give all of you a hug if I could.

Zombies – Because what else is there that really matters?

Next time won’t you sing with me? Who would like to sing next? I nominate iRuniBreathe, Mari Wells, and Come on, Mr. Sunshine. If you don’t have time to sing, I understand. Becky, I will be sending Stickman home now. It’s been fun.

I am a Superwoman Aglow with Liebster Love and Epic Awesomeness

I’m feeling love vibrations in the air…

It must be the the Liebster love granted to me by the charming Kylie from The Life of Kylie, and from the exotic Whitney at Charms of a Gypsy. Thank you, ladies. I’m honored.

Also, I’ve been bestowed the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness, courtesy of David Stewart at The Green-Walled Tower. David and I go way back in blogging time; I would surmise from day two of blogging. David is masterful at telling wondrous stories often in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. Beware, he’s fond of the dark. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You must check him out. Thank you, David.

And guess what else? You guessed it…I am a Superwoman…

I got third place in the Superwomen Super Challenge! This was a six-week challenge I entered with the Superwomen Boot Camp I joined about eight weeks ago. I love this Boot Camp because it pushes me. We do workouts I would never attempt on my own.

The Super challenge revolved around exercise and following a healthy menu. I don’t like to use the word “diet.” Participants were awarded for two separate categories for loss in body fat and in weight.

With my third-place prize, I lost three pounds and gained $140! Okay, maybe this doesn’t seem like much. I can’t buy a new car, but extra money is a bonus. And three pounds seems trivial, but hey man, I just have more muscle now. Didn’t you know strong is the new sexy?

I thought I would impart some wisdom from my experience of the challenge. I mean I did win the 3rd prize and all. Maybe you’ll find this useful.

Things I Learned in the Challenge and Want to Keep Doing

Go for the protein in the morning: Having protein first thing in the morning can shape your whole day of eating. If you’re not much of an eater in the morning, try a protein shake. Other options include: Greek yogurt, raw nuts, eggs, or a little almond butter or peanut butter on your wheat toast.

Healthy snacking is a good thing: I discovered I loved the chips and crackers…but that much of it was emotional eating. If you can try to eat mostly healthy snacks like fresh fruit, veggies with Hummus, nuts, string cheese, cottage cheese, you won’t feel depleted by the time you have a meal. The key again is a little protein throughout the day.

Introducing the Green Smoothie: The recipe is basically one cup of water, banana, frozen fruit of your choice, and 1-2 cups of spinach (put in blender in that order). Blend.

My sister asked me if you really needed a blender for this. Well, if you can mash together spinach leaves and frozen fruit, have at it. Maybe you have some magical powers. Otherwise, yes, this does require a blender. I recommend frozen fruit for icy coolness. You can try strawberries, blueberries, peaches, mango, grapes, oranges, pears…whatever you fancy. You can also use kale instead of spinach. And if you don’t frozen fruit, of course, you can use ice in a pinch.

Here it is…Ta Da!

Try the smoothie for breakfast or as a snack.
Try the smoothie for breakfast or as a snack.

Side note: The Green Smoothie will vary in color depending on what type of fruit you use. The smoothie can appear green or brown….but just don’t look it at it. It’s actually really nutritious and delicious.

Exercise and healthy eating is a win-win: Exercising made me want to eat better.  It has a kind of domino effect. On the other hand, I think it’s more difficult to eat healthy if you’re not exercising. Eating the right foods helped me get through these workouts.

Here fishy, fishy: Try to eat fish such as salmon, high in Omega-3s, a couple of days of week. I always felt more energetic after eating fish. You can also get Omega-3s from flaxseed added to your Green Smoothie or from a supplement.

Treat yourself: Reward yourself for your healthy eating with a little treat. A piece of chocolate cake or an ice cream? Whatever it may be, enjoy it guilt-free.

And, finally…

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Never leave home without your water. You never know…the zombies could be around the corner….it might come in handy for survival.

I’ve felt like I’ve had a lot more energy! Maybe even if you just take one thing away from this, you will you too. Peace out.

My Unofficial Awards Ceremony

Welcome to my Unofficial Awards Ceremony of 2012, unofficial because there will be no rules and no awards. And, guess what? This just happens to be my 100th post!  I say it’s time to have a party.

We’ll have cake

This cake comes to you courtesy of Sandee. I hope she doesn’t mind…I simply can’t resist. It’s better than sex…or uh, it replaces sex, at least for someone out there. Personally, I see no need for mutual exclusivity, am I right? In any case, this will be good cake!

We can dress up

I say Yeses to these dresses! La La agreed we could borrow them for our party. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to wear Barbie pink and canary yellow.

No, this is not a wedding.

Guys, put something on. Okay, if you must…


I thank you, dear readers, for coming back to my blog time and time again. Thanks reading and for your thoughtful comments. I have made some cherished friends here.

I want to thank you for your blogs and for sharing your words, poetry, stories, photos, and your dreams, hopes, and fears. You have inspired, informed, and entertained me. You’ve made me laugh and cry.

I want to acknowledge a few bloggers who gave shout outs to my blog over the past couple of months. I appreciate your kindness, and see, I didn’t forget. Generally, awards make my cluttered brain mind more cluttered. Trust me, this is not a good thing. So, here is a simple nod back to you.

Mari Wells – Her knowledge of vampires, witches, and werewolves will delight you, and also a writer of fiction.
WedelMom at The View From a Slightly Twisted Angle – A humorous view of life and its many lessons.
JackieP at To Breathe is to Write – Inspired by her dreams to write and imagine, and a talented mystery writer.
Thoughts of a Lunatic – A real lunatic, writing 68,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Not to mention twice Freshly Pressed. Impressive.

Thanks to all of you.  They are all a pleasure to read.

Now, I’d like to shine a spotlight on two bloggers who have been supportive of me.

Sam Flowers at Blog, Rest and Play – I always feel I take a bit of Scottish culture with me after having visited Sam’s blog. He writes about art, cinema, television, music, and writes fiction as well. Check out Show Me the Monet about a defunct show, which had debuted new artists. You may also enjoy Sam’s walk in the Scottish countryside, Lost in the woods.

Shalagh Hogan at – Check out her eclectic blog. Laugh with her in Mommy’s Monkey Mind. You may also enjoy Good Fortune, where Shalagh survived near electrocution while decorating her Christmas tree, while pregnant I might add.

Thanks to Sam and Shalagh.

Thanks to all of you for hanging out with me for the last six months. I look forward to more blogging adventures with you.

photo credit: istolethetv via photopin cc

Blog Reflection #2

It’s time for some reflecting. Readers, it’s long overdue. My last “Reflection” post was at #10 and here we are at #30. I haven’t been all together focused. Lately, I’ve been in a blog fog. I might as well be drinking beer and eating frosted flakes. I didn’t say I was I doing that. No, I’m not.

I’m just saying I’m reading so many fantastic blogs, I’m inspired on a daily basis. There are many accomplished writers with published material in my midst, many of whom I can’t read because I don’t have a Kindle. Technology continues to beckon. Now I need a Kindle, too, to join the twenty-first century. My Reader now often jams with too much information. WordPress, if you’re listening, or reading, a little help here please.

I stand by my award comments when I said, I really feel there is a great community spirit here among bloggers. I accepted a few awards in that vein, wanting to recognize others that I had been introduced to or stumbled upon. I felt warm and fuzzy when I thought, perhaps, I was the one who brought a few bloggers together. You know, the sixth degree thing. It’s strong here at WordPress.

Whatever you feel about awards, and I’m sure the opinions are all over the map on this one….I think your feelings about them are completely valid. It is your blogging experience after all. Whether you support them or not, or like them or not, it’s entirely your prerogative. And, if by chance, you didn’t “accept” one from me, I’m not offended in the slightest.

That said, I’ve asked myself a number of things about these awards. Like, who started them? WordPress? The original bloggers? What’s the difference between the Inspiring Blogger and the Very Inspiring Blogger? Is someone keeping track? Do other blog sites have these? Where’s the rule book? (You don’t really need to answer these questions for me.)

Indeed, on the days I had an award post my traffic increased substantially. More importantly, I met new bloggers I may not have otherwise met. Thanks for joining me. I hope I can make your visits worthwhile. Knowing how many great blogs there are out there, it means a lot to me that you’re here. Honest.

I did, however, realize that I don’t need an award to blog and it doesn’t change what I write or how I write. I’ll let you in on something else, too. Come a little closer. I would still blog even if I didn’t have any followers. Now, don’t go away. Wait, come back! You think I’m putting you on, I bet.

It’s true I rather like it when people come by to read what I wrote. Actually, I love it when you “like” it! I love seeing that little glowing, orange star. Is it orange on your computer, too? It’s encouraging and motivating. It makes me smile. It’s recognition. Oh, c’mon now. With my usual home audience, I’m met with grunts and shrugs and my announcement, “All electronic devices must be turned off,” so we can begin communications. So, yeah, I do like it when I have a captive audience.

Case in point, while I did receive a substantial increase in my traffic with the awards post, they weren’t my highest traffic days. My biggest traffic day was when I put out the Olympics: Pink is Your Color post. Who knew that people cared so much about pink and the Olympics. I sure as hell didn’t think they would. It caught me entirely by surprise. The thing is, most of my traffic came from outside WordPress. You know, Google and such. You never knew they were so many ways to search why the Olympics are pink. That was interesting in itself.

But what was a little strange for me was although I was getting all these hits on that page I got little feedback. I can assume I guess that many who came across the page were not WordPress bloggers. Who knew that my most visited page would be one that I didn’t spend a lot time writing. Did they even read it? Did they open it up and say, “Oh great. Another stupid blog!” Did they laugh? Did they read the whole thing? Did they like it?

I’ve read many posts lately specifically about the “like” button and what it means to people. Whether people are just littering their likes all over the blogosphere indiscriminately, for self-gain, self-recognition. Whether people really mean their “likes.”  The need to comment in addition to liking. When the like button isn’t enough. Whether we’ve become a society that is liking too much, becoming entirely too joyful. I’m sure there are many clinical studies out there now on this very thing.

Whatever you feel about this, I’m happy you’re reading this post. I hope you’ll come back. I hope I can write something that is worthy of your time, although I can only write what I write. I do hope you like it, “like” button or not.

Until next time….

The Bumble Files

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