Katerina’s Kiosk – Friday Fictioneers

I remember this prompt, but for whatever reason I did not write a story for it. So, here’s a new one from me and it’s inspired by a story about Kiosks in Lisbon that I heard on NPR. See a description of the words below the story.

Thanks to our fairy blog mother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting and to Ted Strutz for the remarkable photo. I’m five words over. Sorry about that.  I’m feeling a bit rusty.


(105 words)

Katerina’s Kiosk

Those from the old country knew “Katerina’s Kiosk” as simply “The Kiosk.” They nodded when they heard the words roll off Katerina’s tongue into the ears of her chosen ensemble of baristi, who prepared drinks with 100-year recipes.

Groselha. Capilé.

Patrons rubbing their temples, expecting their usual lager, received a frothy-white liquid of honeyed sweetness with crushed almonds and figs. Leite Perfumada.

A harpist played, plucking at your thoughts, inviting the gentle promise of new possibilities. After a visit here, patrons left jobs, wrote poetry, and traveled to faraway lands.

Don’t be afraid to get what you really want, a sign read above the bar.


Baristi – baristas (plural in Italian)
Groselha – red currant refreshment
Capilé – maidenhair leaves with orange blossom water
Leite Perfumada – perfumed milk


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Life of the Party – Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Genre: Humor (100 words)

Life of the Party

Flipping her lion’s mane of hair with a fire in her eyes, Lana applied another coat of “Tahitian Sunrise” to her lips.

Clapping, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

“To where?” I asked, the TV glare in my eyes.

“To the party.”

“It’s just a bar. Probably no one there.”

We arrived at a dusty shack, the jukebox playing songs no one knew the words to. No matter, Lana rolled in like a disco ball, mounds spilling from her sequined tube top.

Dancing bodies filled the door. The volume turned high. Glasses smashed to the floor.

Sure enough. Lana’s legacy.


I’m noticing a certain theme in my stories with Friday Fictioneers. I must need to get out!

Thanks to our party host, this week and every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and to Marie Gail Stratford for the most interesting photo.

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