This Way for Awesome Blog Content

Many moons ago, Becky from Becky Says Things awarded me, little old me, with the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award. I graciously accept. Thank you, Becky.

I’m sure she gave up on me by now. But Becky, old chum, it was really Sticky that was dragging his feet here. But then he found Stickman….he told me, No Stickman should walk this sphere alone. Has Stickman been absent lately? Well, now you know where he ran off to….


P.S. Be sure to check out Becky’s blog if you haven’t….she’s the one who’s ruddy brilliant. She truly is. Note to Becky: Stickman may look a little different on my blog.

Now to accept this award, I am to say my ABC’s with a list of words. Here we go:

Accent – If you have an accent, I automatically think you’re sexy. In other words…if you’re not American. I’d like to hear Becky’s sexy English accent over a beer at a pub. Is it a date? Only I can’t drink the beer warm, okay?

Burpee – This is probably one of my least favorite words and exercise. It’s half torture, half cheerleading move. Let me explain. From standing position, you squat, go out to plank position, then thrust back to squat position, and then jump up in the air and clap your hands together. If am I understand this correctly, a full burbee includes a push-up after the plank position. It’s just sick, in a bad way.

Coffee – Must. Have. Coffee. It’s easily one of my favorite things in life.

Device – This is probably the word I hear the most, as in Where’s the device? It’s my turn for the device. Is the device charged? Pretty soon they will be more devices than people on the planet. It’s true. Be wary of the implant. They could break into your house while you’re sleeping and lodge it into brain. It could happen…then we would be walking around like this:


Einstein, Albert – I have some new info for Einstein. It’s this:


Do you think Einstein would enjoy blogging? Would he have been as productive in this century?

Feng Shui – Do you have any Feng in that Shui or is it Shui in that Feng? I just know that my house doesn’t have it. The perfect Feng Shui for me would be an absolutely empty house with nothing in it. I find there’s something undeniably inviting about wide open space.

Gross – This word feels like it sounds.

Humble – Some of the most talented people also are the most humble. This has endeared them to me even more.

Italy – I just want to go to Italy. I want to sit at the cafes and have three-hour meals with wine and bread, eat Gelato, and bask in the sun of Mediterranean beaches on the Amalfi coast. Can’t picture it….here it is:  Ahhh

Photos of La Strada, Praiano
This photo of La Strada is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Jellyfish – One of the most bizarre and marvelous marine creatures. Did you know the jellies have been around for 700 million years, making them the oldest multi-organ animal.

K – It’s a powerful letter…”K” as in okay, as in thousand, kilometer, kilobit, or kilobyte, or Kablam!

Love – According to Woody Allen:

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness. 

I’ll have that aspirin now…

Monk – I’ve been told that in a past life, I was a monk. The no talking clause might be problematic, but maybe it would be relaxing. Perhaps, this would explain my attraction to Italy.

Nurse – What I should have been. My mom was a nurse in mental health. I’ve come to understand that this is really the best profession to have if you’re a woman and want to have it all; kids, career, the house in the suburbs. Mrs. Yahoo is a complete hypocrite, you know. She had a nursery built on-site. Did she think we wouldn’t find out?

Oompa Loompa – Sticky and Stickman just wanted to paint their faces orange…


Penny – for your thoughts….mine are worth much more. This phrase needs an update.

Qualm – Does anyone ever say this word in conversation? Have you ever heard it spoken?

Roller coasters –  Now, I can ride roller coasters with my thrill-seeking ten-year-old.

Sex – I know that’s just what you wanted to hear. Don’t deny it. For the record, my top search words are “boobs,” “boob jokes,” or “big boob jokes.” Let’s hear it for boobies.

Ticker – Remember life before tickers? Do we really need tickers?

Universe – No, it’s not your smartphone. Let me see if I can explain it to you. The Universe is simply everything, the totality of our existence. Everything beyond the beyond. It’s everything that exists. I hope this has helped.

V  for Vendetta – Yes, it was their idea….


Wine – I enjoy a glass of red wine. See, it’s all coming together here…being a monk, Italy, wine…

X – Generation X…we are the coolest. Who would want to be Generation Y? Like why are you here? Actually, I never wanted to be a letter.

You – Thank you, you! I owe all it to you, dear listeners. Thanks for coming back to my blog again and again (and reading this long post!). I would give all of you a hug if I could.

Zombies – Because what else is there that really matters?

Next time won’t you sing with me? Who would like to sing next? I nominate iRuniBreathe, Mari Wells, and Come on, Mr. Sunshine. If you don’t have time to sing, I understand. Becky, I will be sending Stickman home now. It’s been fun.

Post of the Week – Becky Says Things

I followed Becky many moons ago. I can’t really say when, maybe it’s three months, maybe four, which is like years in blogging time. Dunno. What’s important is that I’ve been reunited with her via a Facebook link for which I am grateful.

I am certain that if I were to be in the presence of Becky talking, I would not be staring at my watch (even though I don’t really own a watch). Rather, my stomach would be aching with uncontrollable fits of laughter, which I would do my best to contain lest I miss of word of what she says.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a word. Check out Becky’s post at Becky Says Things:

Becky says things about … verbal diarrhoea