A Vampire’s Lair – Friday Fictioneers – 03/21/14

A Vampire’s Lair

Henri and the elevator had a partnership, as far as it concerned the residents of 113 East 66th Street, with four dwellings on its three bottom floors, and one penthouse belonging to a Mr. Everitt.

The occupants only knew of Everitt because of his misdelivered items in their mailboxes. Henri hand-delivered Everitt’s packages, as well as guests to his penthouse. Residents laughed that a bloodsucking vampire lived among them. New faces came and went, but rode down on the elevator, and not up.

To the basement they went to wait with the rats. If residents heard screaming, they turned their music up.


It’s my first time writing about a vampire. I couldn’t resist. My other option was a saucy meetup, which I was not in the mood to write. I know my fellow Fictioneers won’t let me down. I hope to read about many meetups this week.

My thanks and gratitude, as always, to Rochelle Wishoff-Fields who hosts this group and provided this week’s most excellent prompt.

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Genre: Urban Fantasy (100 words)

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields