Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

Fish stink pervaded our walk on the pier. After our ice cream cones, we aired our secrets. Katie had shared juicy morsels; first kiss, first lay, first fire, even though she told everyone she quit. My news dimmed in comparison, worthy of my mother's Sunday knit club. Today her expression was of such anguish, I feared she'd murdered someone. … Continue reading Complete Disclosure – Friday Fictioneers

So Long, Bumble Files

That's right. I'm ditching The Bumble Files. It's been sweet, it's been a fun ride, but alas, it's time. Don't worry, I'll still be here. I may be a little sad when I put The Bumble Files to rest, sniffle, sniffle...shedding a tear...okay, I'm done. Sigh. Seriously, I will be unveiling a new blog with … Continue reading So Long, Bumble Files

My Blogging One-Year Anniversary

Look at that, blogging friends. It's my One-Year Blogging Anniversary!! The truth is I'm surprised it's a year already, because I thought my anniversary was next month. Way to go, huh, not knowing when my own anniversary is. This really caught me off guard and I'm afraid I don't have anything for you to eat … Continue reading My Blogging One-Year Anniversary

Message in a Blog

Some blogs have messages for the masses, which are embraced, shared, and circulated. Campaigns for cancer awareness, mental health, and peace come to mind. Who doesn't want to be swept up in positive momentum of doing something worthwhile? Other messages are like cries in the dark, like the suicide note I intercepted. Yes, this did … Continue reading Message in a Blog

New Year, New Look, New Decisions

Welcome back, and Happy Valentine's Day! It's just that the pinks and reds have already infiltrated the stores. Would it kill them to give us one day? Here it was New Year's Day and I was still putting away my Christmas decorations. My garland is disintegrating. I think it's time I invested in some decorations, … Continue reading New Year, New Look, New Decisions

Blog Reflection #4

Every now and then, I have the urge to write about my blogging experience. The spirit moves me, and I can't even finished getting dressed, and write while half-naked. Does this ever happen to you? I'm thinking about a comment I made earlier this week. The comment out of context will not make any sense … Continue reading Blog Reflection #4

My Three Genie Wishes for Today

These are my Three Genie Wishes for today. That means they could be different for tomorrow. I'm rubbing my lamp now. 1. I wish that when I hit the pillow, I would fall asleep instantly! Sleep has been a difficult issue most of my life, not made any easier by having two children. But when … Continue reading My Three Genie Wishes for Today