The X-Files Re-Opened

Tonight the X-Files, the science fiction, supernatural series created by Chris Carter, returns to television on the Fox channel. That’s right. The X-Files will be re-opened. The show aired from September 10, 1993, to May 19, 2002, spanning nine seasons and 202 episodes.

In case you hadn’t noticed, my blog name has always been a kind of spin on this beloved show. The return of the show inspired me to create a new header in celebration. My mermaid is now underwater. I hope you can tell.  

Back in the day, I was a huge fan. I even went to an X-File convention. Yes, I did that! It was in San Diego and there I saw Alex Krycek (Nicolas Lea), FBI Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and last, but certainly not least, the genetic mutant serial killer aka Eugene Victor Tooms(Doug Hutchison), you know the guy who could squeeze his bones into sewer pipes. Remember him? He was sitting casually in a breakroom or something. I couldn’t believe the monster was before me. And Krycek? He was smoking hot! I had an extreme crush on him after that convention, eagerly awaiting each episode, hoping to see him once again.

Alex Krycek, infected with the black oil. Image source:

The X-Files so inspired me, I even purchased a script at the convention, the first in my possession. Yeah, I was a little geeky about this. This was my Star Wars without the light saber. My Friday nights were built around catching the latest episode of the X-Files and nothing could ever interfere with that, an era when you waited for new episodes and nothing was leaked about them; social media didn’t even exist. Can you imagine?

Fox Mulder (David Duchovnyand Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) were so green. I felt like I was a part of something fresh. I had never seen either of them before and you felt like you, too, were a part of these moments they were experiencing for the first time. They had an edgy, natural chemistry. I mean were they ever going to have sex or what? They kept you guessing. The writing was inventive and intriguing, the stories spooky fun and strange, leaving you with the feeling something could be lurking around you or crawling under your skin.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Are you guys even attracted to each other? Image source:

Admittedly, by the end of the series, I felt pretty twisted and turned around with each episode, and had more questions than answers. The movie which later came out, ignored all these questions with no answers in sight, but rather spawned more and more questions. Now, it’s more of a blur than ever. These questions still cling to my subconscious:

  • Whatever was that black oil coming out of their eyes and why did it have to come out of Krycek’s eyes?
  • More importantly, will Mulder ever learn what happened to his sister? Will he reunite with her? On a different planet perhaps?
  • What happened to Mulder and Scully’s son? What a minute, was it their baby?
  • Did the Cigarette Smoking Man light a cigar for Scully and her baby?
  • Are the super soldiers alien hybrids?
  • Are The Lone Gunmen still alive? Do they still believe?
  • Will Mulder and Scully still whip out those cool flashlights?
  • Did Skinner retire from the FBI and flee to a deserted island? Will Skinner be in a good mood?
  • Are the Anasazi Indians the missing link?  Maybe they can commune in the tent again and sweat out all the answers.

I’ve read there are 16 answers we must have from the 6 episodes scheduled to air. In all the pre-hype, I learned that the original theme was based on the How Soon Is Now song from The Smiths. Who knew? Chris Carter requested that  Mark Snow, the show’s music man, come up with something with jangling guitar and the iconic theme song was born! And now, a new theme song will emerge with these new episodes. Reviews have called these new episodes a little overstuffed and devoid of all their previous charm, leaving new watchers wondering what all the fuss was about. I’m just thrilled they’re back. 

As for me, my decision to discontinue cable prevents me from watching tonight’s episode. What?! Perhaps I will wander into a Best Buy searching for a new TV and just accidentally turn to the Fox channel. Or just maybe I’ll binge-watch previous seasons. That could be a whole new experience. Just maybe I could put the pieces together better, not having to wait so long in between. The silver lining is I can watch all these shows with my kids. We watched one episode and they wanted to see the next! Now that is something I could never have predicted. Watching the X-Files with my kids, while new episodes are waiting in the wings. It’s golden.

Green-Walled Tower Fiction-T’s are Here!

Fiction-T’s from the Green-Walled Tower are here and just in time for the holidays!

David Stewart from the Green-Walled Tower blog has created these incredible T-shirts. I know you’re probably wondering how a T-shirt can be incredible…make no mistake these shirts are stupendous! Why? Because these shirts are Fiction-T’s. David has published his short fiction stories on the back T-shirts. He’s so clever.

David has shared many stories on his blog, many of them dark and twisted, which is why I enjoy them so much. For his Fiction-T’s, he offers seven different stories, all of them are highly creative and imaginative. I had a hard time choosing my favorite. I decided on Three Men Walk into a Bar, a great one for bloggers. You know those moments, when no matter what kind of situation you’re in, you think, “This would make a great blog post. Now excuse me while I take a photo.” You know that moment.

I must be operating on Hobbit time lately. Please address me as Aurelia Bumbleburr from Bindbale Wood. You see I won this T-shirt in a contest sometime during the summer….and I’m only now just telling you about it. I must have got lost in the forest. Yes, that’s what happened.

But as I mentioned, it’s just in time for the holidays. Why not surprise a friend or loved one with a Fiction-T? It’s a unique one-of-a-kind gift. Or, buy one for yourself for the holiday party? Guests will love it and they’ll also have an opportunity to get some reading in at the party.

When you put on one of these Fiction-T’s, you become enveloped in a green, fuzzy glow. I don’t know how it happens! I’ll show you. Look:


Now here’s the story:


Here are examples of the stories printed on the Fiction-Ts. Check it out. Plus I know you want to see how the story above ends.

For a list of the Fiction-T stories posted on David’s blog, click here.

Order your very own Fiction-T here. They came in a variety of sizes and colors.  Don’t delay. Get yours today.

I truly love my Fiction-T and wear it proudly. Thanks, David!

Happy Holidays!!


Happy Blogaversary to The Bumble Files!!! 

Happy Birthday to my blog. My blog is three years old today!!

While I ask myself where has the time gone, I also admit these three years have felt more like six years. It’s not that the time hasn’t flown by. Usually, when someone says something seems longer than it is, it would be a negative connotation. Not so here. But, indeed, it feels longer than three years. I’ve heard other bloggers share the same sentiment.

What is it with blogging that makes us feel this way?

I’ve been blogging so long, I’ve been doing it since the very beginning…since the beginning of blogging time. What? That wasn’t three years ago?

Let’s see now:

Three years = (@365 x 3)  = 1,095 days = 26,280 hours 

Whew! No wonder it seems like a lot. We can agree it’s an intensive experience, is it not? It’s not simply throwing up a post, as those non-bloggers think while rolling their eyes at you. We all know it’s reading, commenting, and sharing in an active community. Granted, I haven’t blogged every hour, but I may have thought about my blog many of those hours. I have had a few forced breaks, a few unintended, but mostly my blog has been a part of my life and an extension of me.

For me, The Bumble Files has been a life philosophy about finding the path in life that is meaningful and true. Most of the time, I’m feeling my way as if in a tunnel of darkness. Not really, just kidding. I see the light just as much.

But I’ve been doing it so long, I feel a little like this penguin here:

Where did everybody go?

I’ve seen bloggers come and go…come back and leave again. It’s understandable and there is always a valid excuse explanation. Perhaps they got a new job or a new boyfriend or husband or had a new baby, finished school, or they’re finally binge watching on Netflix writing that book. Sometimes, it’s just burn out. I bet some of you are nodding your head at me now. Sadly, a lot of my friends have left the scene and have abandoned their blogs.

They have what I call a “Ghost Blog.” While they are absent from their blog, their spirit is still here with us.

Happily, there are always new blogging friends to make. If you’ve followed me recently and have never returned, oh, please come back and have a chat. Just because I’ve been blogging for three years does not mean that I don’t want to make new friends.

While some things change, some things remain the same.

The numbers always change:

Some current numbers:

Number of posts: 354 
Views: 51,792
Number of comments: 16,651

But the thing I’ve realized is that the bigger some of these numbers get, the less significance they seem to have. While some bloggers may have higher numbers, I am proud of these no matter what.

More things remain the same:

  • I still haven’t written my book. Argh!
  • I still haven’t met most of my followers. Please come back.
  • My biggest search item is still boobs!
  • I still don’t have a blogging schedule, because that would be so “Un-Bumble” like.
  • I still have blog posts lined up to write.
  • I still laugh my way through much of my blog reading. You are all so funny and talented.
  • I still have trouble reading everyone and am searching for that “balance.”
  • I’m still meeting fascinating people from all over the world.
  • I still feel proud every time I publish a post.
  • I still feel excited when you stop by to like/comment or both!

Recently, with the death of my father, I am reminded why I blog. You were here with your kindness, giving me strength, and in some ways, more comfort than I experienced in my real life. You were really there for me. For me, this speaks to the power of the blogging bond and the deep connection we share with words. And this just gets better over time.

A celebration would not be complete without cake. And this, my friends, is still the best cake on the Internet (thanks Sandee!). Won’t you have some?

Image Source:

I still have the best WordPress community. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Truly, I hope everyone feels that way about their blog because that’s what it’s all about. Thank you one and all! You are simply the best.

My Blog is Three Years Old!

Goldilocks broke into my blog…

Guys, look what happened? Would you just look at what’s happened to my blog?!

I can only assume Goldilocks is behind this. Just last night, she was over for a bowl of soup and she fell asleep in my bed. AGAIN! But, I fell asleep, too, and I think she must have slipped something in my drink, because the next thing I knew, it was morning and she was gone. I logged into my blog and this is what I found. Goldilocks is a HACKER!

Am I in a time warp or something? The Bumble Files? Didn’t I change the name of my blog once or did that even happen? Now, I don’t even know. I lose track of time when I hang around Goldilocks. She has that effect on my me. What year is it again? 2013? Did I miss a year?

Who does she think she is changing my blog without consulting me first? First let me catch my breath, as I’m just seeing all of this for the first time.

Let’s take a look around.

What in the world is this header? A pink snake? Interesting…

Hmm…I see a new picture on the sidebar there. I’m a Work In Progress, huh? That’s all she can come up with? After everything I’ve done for her?…The late nights, the soup, ALL THE SOUP. You’ve heard she’s a picky eater, right? All true. And letting her sit anywhere she wants, usually in my favorite chair, which you know, you do so at your own risk. I mean, look at her latest disaster. LOOK at this! I know she sat in this chair. I just know it.

Goldilocks is an expert at breaking things. This is how she left it.
Goldilocks is an expert at breaking things. This is how she left it.

She’s whacked! Here’s evidence. She’s a breaker…she’s a hacker. Out of control. Only she leaves things shattered in bits and pieces.

But I daresay, this blog is kind of growing on me. It’s colorful and bright. It looks like the address will work fine if you search or type in either amyreesewrites or bumble files. Secretly, underneath AmyReeseWrites, I am still The Bumble Files; I’m just multi-layered now is all. The domain name can stay. Why hassle that?

Goldi has redone my “About” page for the Bumble Files. She’s put in Categories. I’ve never had those. I was nearly approaching the 100 mark in number of categories. She’s been busy! I must give her some credit. I think she just wants me to have a little fun is all. She means no harm…I think I’m just going to keep it!

So, there you have it. I am now THE BUMBLE FILES! Peace.

Oh, and there she is now. I must catch her! Tootles for now.

With love,


I Met the Banner of My Dreams – Thank you, Adam!

I just met my the banner of my dreams thanks to Adam Sendek, Designer Extraordinaire. See the masterpiece above! I just want to give a shout-out to Adam over at The Chowderhead for his artistic talent and vision. I want to personally thank him for sticking with me and creating something far and beyond what I imagined.

We first talked about a new banner back in September of last year. So you see it’s been quite a process. Adam has been extremely patient with me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted and we tried a couple of different ideas. Finally, Adam requested that I better define the purpose of my blog, and not just for him, but for myself as well.

So, if you’re considering a blog makeover or just want a little lift, I highly recommend Adam’s services, even if you’re unsure of what you want. Adam will help you get there. Our process was somewhat collaborative in that I found 49 images which I thought were interesting. Yeah, I know. I went a little crazy. No worries, either, Adam is a professional and respects copyright laws. I also want to add he’s quite efficient with a quick turnaround time.

When Adam asks, “Are you giving me creative control of it?” You simply answer, “Yes.” He will not only give you what you want, he’ll take it up to a completely new level and a few more notches. His masterful creation totally blew me away and far exceeded my expectations.

I now want to live inside my banner! It will be my go-to place when I need to meditate and just be. You are also welcome to be inside my banner anytime you wish!

Contact Adam for your custom banner or other creative design needs. Here’s a link to his Banner Design Services. Chowderhead

 Thank you so much, Adam! \m/


Striking a Pose in the Twitterverse

You heard that right. I’ve struck a pose in the Twitterverse. Twitterville. Twiiterland. Land of Tweets. Oh, I guess we could just say Twitter. Yep, I finally took the plunge.

How I currently see Twitter.
How I currently see Twitter.

I owe my thanks to Jon of Jumping from Cliffs and his lovely post, How to Win at Twitter in 7 Easy Steps. Only 7 steps? AND I can win? Yes! I couldn’t pass this up. Jon has all sorts of good advice. You really should follow his blog if you don’t already.

Now, I am properly feathered. Now I know, for example, that I should NOT be spammy. That’s perfect. Hate that stuff. And to tweet, retweet and such.

Also, the importance of the bio cannot be overstated. I thought up the following bios for myself:

I suck at this. Won’t you please help me?

That might give the wrong impression. No? Well how about this, because less is more on Twitter:

She’s lost. Help her? 

Seriously, I did come up with something else, which I’ll probably change tomorrow, regardless of the notion, according to some in the know, that no one cares. Okay, that would be my husband who said this. I suppose after thousands of followers, maybe.

Still working on the “sprucing up” part. You’re my friends, so I know you won’t hold this against me, right? I included the blue flamingo in my banner because “Blue Flamingo” used to be my nickname when I danced in this dance theater group. This is how is came about:

Dancer: Amy, you will be a flamingo.

Me: Okay, but I don’t want to be pink.

Dancer: Then you will be blue.

There you have it! It worked for me, because I like blue. I was the Blue Flamingo for a bit. There was also a Giraffe.

I’ll admit that I’m slow to adopt the social media since I’ve never considered myself to be a Me Me person. I’m not saying you are. It’s just that whenever I think about social media, generally, it’s all about Me and Look at me. I said, LOOK at me. LOOK at ME, ME. Meeeee. Are you still looking at me, because I don’t feel that you are? How can I say this any other way. LOOK AT ME!! LOOK LOOK!! I’m not trying to exaggerate.

And now with DeepFace, oh help us all. A missing airplane and now this.

Actually, Twitter looks to be a fun, informative place, and as the ever so gracious Guapo revealed, “a wicked (fun) timesuck! And then I responded, and he favorited my tweet. I got very excited about that!

Oh, and Tipsy Lit favorited my comment, even welcomed me. They are a class act.

And on Day two, thanks to Carrie for the warm welcome.

Now I can follow Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. I always wanted to do that.

And you. I want to follow you! I have followed some of my friends here in a very random, haphazard manner. So, if you reach out to me, I promise I’ll be following you back.

I’m @amyreesewrites

Meet you at the pond!

My inquiring mind wants to know: Do you have any Twitter tips for me? Do you have recommendations on who to follow? Any celebrities you enjoy?  Is Twitter a big timesuck? What isn’t a big timesuck these days? I need answers. 

photo credit: sinkdd via photopin cc

So Long, Bumble Files

That’s right. I’m ditching The Bumble Files. It’s been sweet, it’s been a fun ride, but alas, it’s time. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here. I may be a little sad when I put The Bumble Files to rest, sniffle, sniffle…shedding a tear…okay, I’m done. Sigh.

Seriously, I will be unveiling a new blog with a new name. I’ve evolved, blogging friends, and I’m simply ready for a change. I hope that I don’t lose you in the transition, and that you will stick with me. After all, this blog is nothing without you guys.

I probably will be a bit afraid to click the button to make the big switch over. It seems too easy to click a button and for everything to simply turn out all right. That could be one reason for my delay, that, and the fact that WordPress continues to introduce new themes. Every time I settle on one, oh look, here’s another one to look at. Did you know that WordPress has more than 300 themes? Friends, I think I’ve looked at every single one, much the same way that I go clothes shopping, feeling the urge to touch each item. No, I’m kidding. Sort of. Each one has its good qualities, but the truth is you can do anything if it’s customizable, which, of course, they all are. Oh, just more decisions! That’s all that is.

I want to personally thank a few friends for their help, for listening and answering my silly questions, and for putting up with my wishy-washiness: Mari, Carrie, AdamVanessa, and Jackie. Really, a big thank you! I’m truly grateful for your time.

And so, I’m electing the turtle to help me with my send off. Did you know that the turtle is not too far behind the puppies and the kitties when it comes to Internet fame and celebrity. According to WordPress News, in the month of January alone, there were 9,195 posts with dogs, 6,111 posts with cats, and listen to this…wait for it, wait for it…192 posts with turtles! They could very well be the new “Internet darling.” He has four stubby legs and a shell on his back. How can you not root for the turtle? Let’s hear it for the turtle.

Critically Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Photo credit:

How does the saying go? Steady wins the race. Plus, many turtles are excellent swimmers.

So, me and the turtle will see you on the other side with a new blog. This is your last chance to call me Bumble. Get it out your system now! Really, I won’t care if you still want to call me Bumble.

Thank you for all the support and the great times. You are the best!

If for some reason I do lose you, I will find you! This week, hopefully, I will have my new blog together! Until then, signing off for the last time as The Bumble Files. Mwah!

Much love,