My Blog is Three Years Old!

Happy Blogaversary to The Bumble Files!!!  Happy Birthday to my blog. My blog is three years old today!! While I ask myself where has the time gone, I also admit these three years have felt more like six years. It's not that the time hasn't flown by. Usually, when someone says something seems longer than it is, it would be … Continue reading My Blog is Three Years Old!

Let’s Talk Twitteresque

There, I made up a new phrase. Twitteresque. I have no idea what it means. I just like the way it sounds, and if I like it, you might like it too. I'm adopting the "Effortless" approach. You may recall I used the Social Effort Scale last week, which determined that I "try too hard" on Twitter...even though … Continue reading Let’s Talk Twitteresque

There’s Nothing a Few Boob Jokes Can’t Cure

The subject today is boobs. I imagine I have your attention, or at least half of you. Ask any woman and I bet she has her own back story about her breasts. When I first wore a bra at the age of thirteen, it was really more a matter of principle than need. Even though … Continue reading There’s Nothing a Few Boob Jokes Can’t Cure